15 Best camping hammocks of 2020

Why do you want a camping hammock? Is hanging out in trees really better than sleeping half an inch from the cold, hard ground? If you’re looking for comfort and ease on all kinds of terrain, then the camping hammock is for you. Searching for the best camping hammock? We’ve been on the hunt for 8 years, testing 30+ models to bring you this season’s 15 best options.

Camping hammock stand on the beach – portable folding

Chase the sun with a camping hammock stand. Relax in summer weather with a free-standing frame, then add plush pillows and blankets to keep warm for the fall.

Winter camping hammock with sleeping bag & stay warm

Are you considering changing from tent camping to hammock? Winter hammock camping can be comfortable and fun if you know how to do it properly.

Best 2 person camping hammock with mosquito net

Since these camping hammocks are made of 2 people, it is safe to say that they help strengthen the bond between couples or between parents and their kids.

Enclosed camping hammock with mosquito net

Bug-Free Camping, Outdoor camping hammock with net . Compact, lightweight. This gem of a hammock is a must for anyone planning an overnight hike or just loves camping under the stars.

Camping hammock tent for two – lightweight

The hammock tent combines light conveniences with protection. Most come with pockets for handy gear storage as well as a built-in or compatible bug net to save you from swatting all night long.

Castaway double camping hammock – lightweight nylon

If you like going camping. This double camping hammock is the best partner for you and your family, girl or boy friend and your companion. And you each get your own space.

Discount camping hammock chair swing – portable & lightweigh

Comfortably swings up with the perfect lounging experience. Just imagine how wonderful it is to sitting down on the camping hammock chair and relaxing yourself in the cool breeze.

Parachute camping hammock for sale – portable & lightahead

Camping Hammock With Hammock Tree Straps, Portable Parachute camping Hammock for Backpacking travel. The Can easily hold two persons. Light weight, easy to carry and set up.

High quality camping hammock with bug net – outdoor gear

Sleeping under the stars is one of the best parts about hammock camping — until the mosquitos show up. If your hammock doesn’t already have a built-in bug net. That would be terrible.

Portable camping hammock tarp – waterproof & rainproof

Using a camping hammock tarp can keep you dry during sleep. Especially under harsh conditions like rain, snow and wind. A good tarp can guarantee your comfort.

Best 4 season camping hammock for sale & wholesale

A full set for 4 season camping hammock and year-round use. All the hammock sets include everything you need for the most comfortable experience.

Best portable camping hammock – factory discount

A portable camping hammock can make your day that much more relaxing. We spent more than 72 hours testing and researching lightweight, packable hammocks.

3 person camping hammock for sale & wholesale

3 Person camping hammock are endless. Hang out with a couple friends, add sleeping space for fellow campers or extend the space of your campground for extra portable gear series.

Best lightweight camping hammock – high quailty

Camping hammock that’s lightweight enough to travel on any adventure. It packs down down to the size of a softball and comes with bent wire carabiners that make it easy to attach to any tree straps.

Best backpack camping hammock – lightweight portable

This backpacking camping hammock is ultralightweight. Provides a huge amount of space, has competitive price tag and a good max capacity. And this thing is extremely strong and spacious

Our customers’ camping hammock reviews

A good camping hammock makes every trip out into the woods even more enjoyable. Make sure you choose the right one for your needs, then follow our tips to have the best camping trip ev

josh orames

Really like it. Me and my gf lay in it together. Really comfortable

K. Yoder

Our kids love this hammock – super easy to set up, very portable, has held up well.

Daniel Dickinson

This Hammock is large, easy to hang and so comfy. I set it up in 10 minutes.

Scout’s Mom

I’ve only had it a few days, but this hammock is a new favorite in our backyard.

Shirley G.

This is PERFECT for what we need. We needed a lightweight large hammock .

Emily Jeannette

Love it! It’s very easy to hang. Ropes are durable. It dries quickly if left in the sun.

Ruth delgado

5.0 out of 5 stars Okay so this hammock is like so easy to hang up


Love the material! Huge too! Has everything you need to use!

Camping hammock Q&A

Q: Is camping in a hammock safe?

A: Yes, as long as the hammock is set up and some basic precautions have been taken. You can safely camp in a hammock. In fact, in some cases, hammock camping is actually safer than traditional tent-style camping.

Q: Are Hammocks better than tents?

A: tent is a universal symbol of camping, just like a fishing pole. And hammock camping is more comfortable and fun. It is even easier to install and remove.

Q: Can you hammock camp anywhere?

A: Campers of all ages, including children. Both like hammock camping. The hammock can also be set up anywhere on the two trees. Even if there are no trees, you can hang the hammock on the hammock frame. For solo backpacking, backpack hammocks are usually lighter than the tents.

Q: Should I buy a single or double hammock?

A: Single hammocks: Most singles have a width in the 4- to 5-foot range. Double hammocks: Most models have a width in the 5- to 6-foot range. In addition to offering a more spacious lounging or sleeping experience than a single, a double gives you the option of two people sharing hammock time.