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2 Person camping hammock – lightweight & portable

  • Hammock surface material: nylon
  • Article number: 001
  • Maximum load: 300 (kg)
  • Weight: 800 (g)
  • Specifications (length * width):
  • Coffee Fight Army Green 260/140cm
  • Camouflage 260/140cm
  • Army Green 260/140cm
  • Royal Blue 260/140cm
  • Sky Blue Sapphire 260/140cm
  • Rose Red 260/140cm

The 2 person camping hammock is lightweight and widely used. Very suitable for sleep and leisure. A good 2-person hammock tent can be suitable for you, as well as friends, lovers, dogs or only for you. If you are looking for a fun way to go on a road adventure. Then a 2-person hammock tent may be a good choice.

What should I pay attention to when buying a hammock?

There are a few points to note when buying a 2-person hammock.


Like any other light backpack shelter, the price of a hammock ranges from super cheap to expensive.
Decent 2-person hammock tents do not have to cost a lot of money.
You can easily find quality hammocks for less than $100.
In fact, you can find plenty of hammocks under $50.

But, the higher the price, the more functions the 2-person hammock has. This can greatly improve your experience. And the quality is much better than some cheap hammocks. Compared to spending money on a better initial quality, you will end up spending more money to replace a cheap hammock. That is, if you buy something that is too cheap, you may have to replace it once a year.

Weight and capacity

Make sure to check the capacity and weight that your hammock can hold. Not all hammocks are the same. Especially when it comes to a hammock for two people. Some can withstand greater weight.
The high-quality double camping hammock includes a belt, safety buckle and a carrying bag, totaling 800g.

It’s good to know this, especially if you plan to store some equipment with you and your partner on the hammock.
Remember to consider the weight of the entire package. Includes extra telephone poles, flies and suspension straps.
Although the hammock itself is very light, but more features may start to suppress your backpack.
If the weight is too large, please check whether other types of rods or materials are lighter.

2 person hammock accessories

  • One of the biggest complaints about hammocks is the coldness below and the heat above.
  • When buying a 2-person hammock, you should consider adding a quilt.
  • Double-layer hammocks or four season hammocks will also provide proper insulation.
  • But, you may want to find a good balance between hot and cold for you.
  • The cool thing about hanging on the tree is that the airflow is better in summer, but once the camping season in autumn and winter comes, it may not work well.

Brand new lightweight backpack

  • The 2-person hammock can completely change your camping style and outdoor experience.
  • The hammock has a wide field of view, little impact on the environment, and a light weight backpack.
  • They allow you and the second person to experience nature in a whole new way.
  • With the help of new technologies with four seasons of functions, we can all enjoy camping comfortably throughout the year.
  • Lightweight backing will never be the same, backpackers and couples can relax under the reliability and comfort of a 2-person hammock.

When most people think of camping, they think of sleeping on hard ground in a dull tent. But experienced outdoor activists know. Another way to get a good night’s sleep is in a hammock. Those who like adventure can try camping in a hammock instead of a tent. Because they found that the hammock was really comfortable.

Details are not afraid to magnify

01 tear-resistant fabric
High-quality fabrics, bright colors, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, so you can rest assured to use

02 Small bag
Small cloth bag, can be used to hold small things, such as mobile phones, etc.

03 Double color hammock
The top is a white tent and the bottom is a hammock of different colors

Product parameters:

NameAnti-mosquito hammock
Colormulti-color optional
Material210T Nisi spinning
Featuresfashion, leisure, generous
PlaceLiving room, woods, park

Real shot display:

How A 2 Person Hammock Works ?

At first, the 2 person hammock seems intimidating.
The Grand Trunk Double Parachute Nylon Print Hammock is 10.5L x 6.5W. So it can sleep 2 average size people fine (it maxes capacity at 150kg) or 1 person plus gear very comfortably.
But, they’re actually easier to set-up than you may think.
As long as you have 2 trees that are 12-15 feet apart then you can set up a hammock.

Set Up

  • For a typical hammock setup. You need to tie the straps to 2 sturdy trees that are 6 feet tall.
  • Make sure the trees are in good condition, not too old, and the trunk thick.
  • Make sure to specifically use a 1-2 inch wide hammock strap.
  • Connect the hammock to the belt with a hook. And tighten the rope at a 30 degree angle.
  • Make sure the hammock is 1-2 feet above the ground, and leave enough slack to prevent the hammock from being pulled too tight.

According to experience, the height of the hammock should not exceed the height you are willing to fall. Also, don’t fall.

The double camping hammock is 10 feet 6 inches (width) x 6 feet 6 inches (width), large enough to accommodate 2 peopleThe setting for a 2-person hammock tent may be slightly different.

Many units will come with some extra poles and suspension lines to create a separate quarter. Most newer hammocks come with umbrellas, or at least the ability to easily connect the hammock to the hammock. If not, you can get a specific hammock tarp that is equally effective. If a mesh net is connected, make sure that the rainflies do not touch the mesh net. Otherwise, if it rains at night, you may get wet. To increase warmth, add some quilts and/or sleeping pads.

The 15-inch x 8-inch space occupies very limited space and is very portable.
After the setting is completed, you will have a very comfortable, warm and weatherproof shelter that can easily accommodate 2 people.