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3 person camping hammock for sale

  • Maximum load: 300 (kg)
  • Origin: China
  • Color: solid color/color matching
  • Hammock surface material: nylon/100%Nylon
  • Product volume: 10.0 cm * 10.0 cm * 10.0cm
  • Gross weight: 1.0 kg

The 3 person camping hammock is the largest hammock on the market. It is durable. Reinforce with a safety belt of 15 meters or more. It is secured by a heavy-duty ratchet and safety belt. The grass is large and strong enough for three adults to sleep . Or let 6 children play. The hammock is very comfortable. It can be used in the field and backyard.


Hammock material: 100%Nylo
Features:Super light, super thin, breathable, quick-drying, super large
Hammock size:about length * width 300 cm x 200 cm (9*10 feet) (plus or minus 3%)
Color:Many colors can be customized
Bearing weight:300KG
Tree rope belt (chrysanthemum rope) material:high-strength nylon
Tree rope strap (chrysanthemum rope) size:  2.0 meters each, 10+1 loops, 2 in total
Complete set weight: about 0.98KG


Capacity: With its 400kg / 880lbs weight capacity. The 3 person hammock can hold 3 adults (and gear) or 2 adults and 2 kids. This hammock is perfect for adventurous families or friends.

Comfort: Thanks to being suspended across 2 anchor points. This tension keeps the hammock from sagging. It also gives you enough flexibility to cushion your body without sagging . So, unlike a traditional hammock, you can rest comfortably in any position – front, back or side.

Relax Anywhere: The hammock is suspended off the tree between 2 anchor points and so there’s no need to find level ground. Being held above the ground moves you away from damp, uneven or stick/stone covered ground.

Separate Sleeping Bays: The hammock floor is made from 100%Nylo. The webbing is used to both reinforce the hammock and to creates 2 separate areas on the hammock.