Aerial yoga hammock kit for home – fitness & dance

Package Includes:

☑ 1x Aerial Yoga Hammock(110″x197″)
☑ 2x Ceiling Mount(4 holes) & 8 Expansion Screws
☑ 2x Daisy Chains with 6 Loops (39″)
☑ 2x Steel Locking Carabiners
☑ 1x User Guide
Material: Chinlon
Ceiling Height: 10 ft
Package Dimensions: 13″x 9″x 6″
Package Weight: 2.3kg
Weight Capacity: 2000 lbs
Color Choices: Orange, Royal Blue, Deep Purple

[Premium Fabric] Our yoga cloth is made of premium chinlon fabric, which is durable, soft, lightweight and breathable, and cool to touch, making you enjoy the comfort coming from yoga.

[Safe and Firm] The additional rigging equipment is superior and offers you protection and security. Stainless steel ceiling mount with screws and locking carabiners are for easy and firm installation. Daisy chain strap with 6 loops allows you to adjust the hammock height.

[High Load Bearing and Wide Enough] Our quality aerial hammock withstands up to 2000 lbs and wide enough(110″x197″) for you to practice aerial yoga comfortable and freely. And our aerial yoga hammock can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. But do NOT iron it.

[Designed for Aerial Yoga] By practicing aerial yoga, you can release your muscles and tensions. Our aerial hammock is a perfect tool for you to explore varieties of aerial yoga postures. It gives you plenty of support and helps you to make certain poses,such as inversion or sensory swing.

[Easy to Use] This set includes everything you need to set up the aerial yoga hammock. You will get: 1* Aerial Yoga Cloth(110″x197″); 2Stainless Steel Ceiling Mount( 4 holes) & 8 Expansion Screws; 2Daisy Chains with (39″, 6 loops); 2*Steel Locking Carabiners and a detailed user guide. With all of these, you can install it easily.

The aerial yoga hammock is one of the most useful yoga inversion tool for aerial yoga. You can hang it inside your house or outside from a beam, bar or tree. Setup is fast and simple and results are incredible.

Our hammock set designed for aerial yoga is good for you to explore varieties of aerial yoga postures, relieving your stress and improve your mood.

  • Premium chinlon fabric yoga cloth is durable, lightweight,breathable and cool to touch.
  • It can totally withstand the weight up to 2000 lbs.
  • Low stretch fabric is easy to climb and allows you to predict your height from the ground.
  • Great for both beginners and professionals.
  • This set includes all required superior rigging equipment.
  • Large and high capacity yoga hammock is for you to practice aerial yoga comfortable and freely.
  • It can release your muscles and tensions.
  • A perfect tool for you to explore varieties of aerial yoga postures.
  • It supports you and makes you feel secure and cosy.
  • This yoga hammock is suitable for home, gym or studio, indoor or outdoor.

❣ Tips:

① Before use, please check if the ceiling mount is loose or the daisy chains strap is worn.
② The the hanging point must be firm, and the height of the hanging head from the ground shall not exceed 6″ in case of an accidental fall and injury.