Best aerial yoga hammock for sale

  • 1 – 13 x 9 ft. medium stretch, premium nylon aerial yoga hammock in your choice of burgundy, dark green, or purple
  • 1 – Manual
  • 1 – Firm resistance band
  • 6 1 – Tote bag
  • 2 – Daisy chains
  • 2 – Carabiners

IMPROVE THE WAY YOU MOVE: Warm up for your workout with a FREE resistance band to embrace the next level of fitness; Our soft durable, medium stretch Aerial Yoga Hammock, is premium nylon silk in rich, vibrant colors for beginner to advanced yogis.

❤ REDEFINE YOUR WORKOUT: Experience flying yoga with our aerial yoga hammock swing trapeze; Cocoon in a generously sized 13 x 9ft sling; Hanging suspended above the floor, antigravity artistry in motion, for optimal flexibility and pilates form.

❤ REVITALIZE BODY AND SOUL: Our aerial yoga swing set provides the ultimate Inversion Therapy for spinal decompression and blessed pain relief; For indoor/ outdoor use from the ceiling in your favorite studio or a tree branch, blissful in Nature.

❤ CALM YOUR MIND: Practice mindfulness and sensory comfort; Your body contours caressed by rich colors of burgundy, dark green, or purple, and filtered light; Aerial Yoga Kit includes hammock, 2 daisy chains, 2 carabiners, fitness band, manual, tote.

❤ TRUST OUR QUALITY:Prioritizes fitness and peace of mind; Our Manufacturer’s Warranty aligns with that goal; If you are ever unsatisfied with your purchase, CONTACT US for refund or replacement; BUY NOW and soar to the peak of fitness.

We believe there is an aerialist in everyone. Our core goal is to engage in a different approach to exercise and create new ways for our customers to express themselves.

We don’t just sell equipment. We practice this exhilarating aerial art for its health benefits, breathtaking graceful beauty, and the joy it brings.

It is our mission to inspire others to discover this unique and sublime form of art, so they can take fitness to the next level.


❤ Premium medium stretch silk is more durable and easier to climb
❤ Generous 9 ft. width for better performance
❤ Multiple vibrant color choices to suit your personal aesthetic- burgundy, dark green, or purple
5 ❤ Firm resistance band to warm up and maximize your results
❤ Everything you need to get started in a handy tote bag (except mounting hardware)
❤ Indoor/ Outdoor use in studio or out in Nature


🌟 Core strengthening and muscle defining
🌟 Improved balance, yoga and pilates form
🌟 Maximum results enhanced by gravity
🌟 Inversion Therapy – spinal decompression and pain relief
🌟 Improved focus
🌟 Ultimate sensory cocooning experience
🌟 Exhilarating aerial sensation
🌟 Beautiful flowing colors and filtered light
🌟 Meaningful parent/ child bonding
🌟 Adventurous gift for any yoga or fitness enthusiast
🌟 Unabashed joy and satisfaction and improved life balance

Note: Mounting Hardware is not included.