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This indoor outdoor toddler baby hammock meets everything a parent wants from such a fabric swing with its design, naturalness and safety.

Durable %100 cotton double layer stitched fabric, all hardware included, don’t spin two hanging, longest rope, instructions, safety betl, wooden toys, two cushions included.

Sturdy, safe and special design: Every detail has been specially designed to create a little happy table with your child. It has a cute rabbit face is embroidered on it. It differs from all other hanging hammock sets in terms of ease of installation on wooden and concrete ceilings.

Include guideline: The outdoor baby hammock comes with the setup instructions guide. We explained step by step in the guide. You’ll also watch how to set up the hanging toddler swing hammock. You will be able to install without the need for a swingset stand. So you don’t have to spend more money. You and your baby are precious to us.

The ropes can be completely uncord and does not contain plastic knots like other products. Therefore, after the child grow up our customers usually make rope ladder to their kid with these ropes and wooden sticks. Hang it where ever you want without straps.( Outside, inside, tree branch, backyard ) In terms of function, it has a more aesthetic appearance than plastic bucket swings. Use it nursery decor in the babyroom. Rest easy knowing you’ve made a smart investment that will be long lasting.

Peaceful calming: With its soft fabric and design, your child will have a friend who has built a heartfelt closeness. This cloth hammock is the most satisfying fun toy that can be given to a baby. Because in this hammock your infant will experience the ‘ocean feeling’ state in the womb. Babies experience the feeling of swinging in the water of their mother’s belly and calm down. Our cloth hammock like a bucket hammock set. It gives you a much more enjoyable experience with its wooden toys.

Exclusive and unique present for your little one. Smart and thoughtful present to buy for christmas, baby showers or infant, toddler birthdays, family and grandparents alike. Show them that you care with a quality present that’s guaranteed smiles. Gift wrap option available!

We have fulfilled what is necessary to you so that you can easily mount indoor outdoor swing any where and you can easily carry it at any time. It is portable and foldable.

You can attach this swing chair your porch, concrete ceiling, pull up bar on doorway cleareance, on swingset, on the tree branch, roof, any where of the backyard, patio.

Outside or inside use it wherever you want. Swing set includes seat belt for your child’s secure and include easy assemble instructions and video. Each swing comes with all necessary hardware for hanging. In terms of function, it has a more aesthetic appearance than plastic bucket swings.

The outdoor, indoor swing is made for babies 6 months – 3 years old.(that are strong enough to sit up on their own)


*Smooth beech wooden sticks

*Smooth natural wooden toys

*The swing chair is sewn as a double layer cotton fabric

*Excellent quality 100% cotton fabric. Natural not allergic materials.

*5 mm polyester marina degree rope(UV resistant)

*Hangs on the 78.5″/200 cm rope length, which can be easily shortened

*The swing chair is sewn from double cotton fabric

*2 Pillows: 100% cotton fabric, Siliconized Microfiber Filling

*Swing is supplied with two carabiners and hanging hooks. Hooks mountable wooden or concrete ceiling

Care instructions:

*Fabric seat can be removed by untying the knots under each dowel.

*Machine wash separately with 30 degrees. Hot water may shrink the fabric.

Make sure you install hooks properly!!!


DISCLAIMER: Swings are meant to be used with 100% adult supervision. We are not responsible for any kind of injury that may occur due to a fall. Always watch your child, kid when playing in this indoor/outdoor infant swing.