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Best backpack hammock – camping hammock

  • Hammock surface material: parachute nylon
  • Specification (length * width): 300*200CM (cm)
  • Maximum load: 350 (kg)
  • Gross weight: 1.0 kg
  • Color: multi-color optional
  • Net weight: 700 (g)
  • Product volume: 35.0 cm * 20.0 cm * 35.0cm

Are you an experienced hiker, camper or backpacker? If so, you may need a backpack camping hammock. It allows you to soak overnight in a clean environment and take a nap. Or drink some hot cocoa or a pint of beer and you can fall asleep.

Whether you choose to call them a camping hammock or a backpack hammock. These are aerial tents suspended between two trees or two telephone poles. Super comfortable, you can sleep peacefully all night, lightweight and easy to carry. It can be installed almost anywhere. No matter how rough the terrain is! Backpack hammocks are essential equipment for your camping. So the next time you decide to go camping, make sure you have a hammock to “wrap around” camping like it is !

Backpack hammock Benefits:

We know that everyone lives in a tent most of the time during the journey. Even today, many people still regard tents as an integral part of the camping experience.

But, anyone who has experienced hammock camping will never sleep in a tent again. why? We are not only talking about “off the beaten track” experience or “close to nature” things. But these are two of the many advantages that backpack hammocks have over tents.

The backpack hammock is more comfortable, easier to install and carry, and very interesting. The following points will explain the advantages of backpack hammock over traditional camping tents:

Wonderful “outdoor” experience

Starry night staring at the starry sky. But there is not enough space, so what is the purpose of camping? Then wake up and touch your face gently to get you up! A tent will never provide you with this experience. And unless you experience it for yourself, you may never realize it.

A good night’s sleep

Don’t we all dream of relaxing in a hammock at some point in our lives? A hammock of the right size can help you sleep better. Hammock is the first choice for overnight camping, and comes with a backpack hammock. Let you no longer have to worry about the rocky ground. Disgusting slopes and wet land!


The backpack hammock is a powerful objects. Tired after a long hike? Set up your hammock to take a nap. Looking for a comfortable place to sit and cook or just hang out by the campfire? Your backpack hammock can be rescued again. Do you just want to hang out on the beach and read as the day goes by? Likewise, a hammock can be your ideal companion. A backpack hammock is especially useful if you are camping with children. Even if you eventually plan to sleep in a tent or RV (because you are with your kids), backpacking hammocks are a lot of fun for kids. Because it is more interesting!

Easy to use and carry

The size of a backpack hammock is far less than that of a tent. Thus, they are very convenient to carry. Especially in your long backpacking trip. Also, it is easy to tighten the hammock. The best part is that most backpack hammocks today are equipped with rain gear. Functional parts and accessories such as insect nets and pockets can support your things. Make it almost like a tent when isolated from the elements.


Material: 210T nylon spinning
Packing size:28*22*15CM
Accessories: No. 8 black gold steel buckle*2, double loop simple tree strap*2 (each 2.5 meters, each 15 loops)
Color:various and customizable
Process:three stitches stitching, bag inner seaming
Weight:about 700 grams
Features: light and thin, strong bearing capacity
Other instructions:other colors, sizes, and LOGO can be customized.
Round bags can also be customized, with carabiner optional configuration!

Buying point

01 Excellent material quality and quantity
Parachute nylon fabric, light and thin, strong bearing capacity

02 Excellent material quality and quantity
Nylon core-spun rope, knotting method greatly reduces the length of the rope and has strong bearing capacity

03 Excellent material quality and quantity
Aviation aluminum carabiner with light weight and high bearing capacity

04 Excellent material quality and quantity
The three-needle stitching process is very strong

Precautions for choosing a hammock!

Weight-a few ounces seems to be no big deal. But maintaining the weight of the backpack is essential for enjoying outdoor adventures. We provide all hammocks so that you will almost never notice the ultra-light sling in your backpack. We also provides a two-person hammock suitable for any park or campground.

Price-You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great hammock. Thus, we offer a range of reliable options in different price ranges. If you plan to use hammocks in large quantities, it makes sense to spend more money on high-quality products that can be used in many years.

Strength-High-quality materials and structure are essential for hammock. Without these, you may fall on your ass. The hammocks we recommend are from trusted manufacturers. And after careful care, it can last for many years.

Size-Generally speaking, the wider and longer the hammock, the more comfortable it is. Especially when sleeping in a hammock. The daily hammock does not must much extra space. Thus it is best to keep them beautiful and light.

Capacity-whether you plan to use the hammock on your own. Or are you looking for outdoor nets? The two-person hammock is wider and stronger, but also heavier. Both options are interesting.

Buy online-please check the seller’s return policy before purchasing. But you can almost return unused hammocks within a certain period of time after purchase. We recommend that you buy your preferred product and test it at home. If it feels inappropriate, please return or exchange it. We have been buying light hammocks online for many years, but have not encountered any problems.

Comfort level – When buying a backpack hammock, please consider how long it will be used. If you plan to use it frequently for a long time, then comfort is essential. So please look for suitable products comfort. If you are not an ordinary backpacker and only plan to use it once in a while. You can choose any model, as most backpacks provide reasonable comfort.

Material – Backpack hammocks come in a variety of materials, from cotton and polyester to parachute nylon. The materials used in the structure of the hammock play an important role in its durability and comfort. Thus, it is important to choose this material wisely. The cotton hammock is durable, soft, and has a good moisture wicking function. Parachute nylon and polyester are ultra-lightweight, strong and quick-drying. These products are available in a variety of bright colors. Even under regular use, you can use it for a long time.

Single or double – Another important thing to consider is whether you need one or two hammocks. The width of a single hammock ranges from 4 to 5 feet, and the most weight is limited to 300-400 pounds. So, the double hammock is 5 to 6 feet wide and can accommodate two people. The weight limit for these products is approximately 400-500 pounds.

Features: light and easy to carry

Precautions for camping hammocks:

Insulation-If you plan to use a hammock as a shelter, insulation is essential. Even when traveling in summer, sleeping in a hammock is easy to catch a cold. There are many options to increase the insulation of a backpack hammock. The three most common methods are:

Sleep on foam or blow up the cushion in a hammock. This is a good choice for beginners who already have pads. The disadvantage of this is that you may squirm the pad at night, which is a common annoyance. Using a mummy-shaped pad will help reduce slippage of the pad.

Get a double-layer hammock. The double-layer hammock has a separate compartment for sleeping pads. This will make it easier to sleep on the mat. Because it will be fixed in a hammock. This is a reliable choice for pad users, but it adds weight.

Use underwear. The quilt is hung under the hammock to isolate your body from the cold outside air. For experienced hammock backpackers, this is the preferred method. The main disadvantage is the more cost.

Design-Getting a “flat bed” is the main goal of a hammock for sleeping. The camping hammock uses an asymmetric design to achieve this goal. Sleeping diagonally on an asymmetrical hammock will make your head and feet lower than a traditional hammock. Most camping hammock users find that the asymmetric design is more comfortable than traditional hammocks.

Terrain-If you plan to use the hammock as a shelter, you need to make sure that there will be a good tree to hang it up at night. This can be a problem if you are going to camp above the tree line, in the desert, or anywhere where there are no sturdy and well-spaced trees. Thus, make sure to plan accordingly.

Characteristics: fast dry, dirty “cool and not easy to heat.”Not easy to mold