Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker for Swimming

Whether you enjoy pool or open water swimming, there’s something here for you. If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that particularly focuses on tracking your swimming and other water sports.

We’ve rounded up the best Waterproof Fitness Tracker | Fronfit available for all budgets and abilities. So you can find your perfect training partner. Almost all modern fitness trackers are water resistant to at least 50 meters. But not all are designed for much more than a casual dip in the pool or a quick shower.

We have listed here the best waterproof fitness trackers that you will find in the market. We considered your budget so it has both affordable and high-end options. Now let’s jump into the deep end so you can discover the best swimming watches that you can buy right now.

What is The Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best waterproof fitness tracker. The following are the most important ones that we considered as we explored this list.

  • Durability: If you’re getting a waterproof fitness tracker, durability is the most important feature to consider. Technology (say, a pair of headphones) is generally given a rating on the IP (Ingress Protection) scale. Which determines how well it can handle water and dust.
  • Battery Life: Nobody wants to go for a long run only to find out their fitness tracker died and didn’t record it. The waterproof fitness trackers we’ve selected can go at least one day without charging, but some last up to a week.
  • Health Features: The purpose of wearing any fitness tracker is to check your health. So our fitness tracker covers some basic health features. They all track how many calories you burn, how far you travel, heart rate and sleep.
  • Smart Features: While fitness trackers have traditionally been used for one purpose — monitoring your health. There are also some smart features in our waterproof fitness tracker. Whether it’s the ability to display your text messages, or the ability to use an intelligent assistant to help guide your workout. These features are meant to complement the main features of your waterproof fitness tracker.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Many fitness trackers available will even incorporate a heart rate check. While you may not think you will use this, it can be an beneficial and popular feature for those serious about fitness. You can use this to compare your heart rate at many different levels, such as before, mid and post workout.  This information can be useful in determining your stress index.

What does a fitness tracker track?

This includes your steps, calories burned and distance you’ve traveled. Some trackers will be able to do more than this. If you are a fan of things like swimming and even golfing you should make sure your watch is compatible with these sports.

More advanced Fitness Trackers | Fronfit will also be able to give you additional information about the activities you take part in. For example, if you are a fan of golfing some trackers will be able to tell you the distance from the tee to the pin on every golf course in North America. They will also be able to keep track of your strokes for a full 18 holes.

If you routinely bicycle or hike you may want to look into a tracker that has a GPS system. This will give you the ability to see the route you take and allow you to compare it to your workout yesterday. Being able to see how you’re improving will not only keep you motivated but show you how you can continue to progress through your workouts.

Finally , the best waterproof fitness trackers | Fronfit fit around your wrist like a watch . In some cases your fitness tracker is a watch. To read your bio-metric data (heart rate), and track your movements, for a more complete picture of your day-to-day activity.

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