Bliss hammock chair – egg chair

  • Material Polyester, Cotton
  • Color Grey
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Maximum Weight 330 Pounds

Enjoy a Comfortable Bliss Hammock Chair – this stylish hammock is comfortable and durable. It does not lose the cotton thread, allowing the user to enjoy the soft sponge comfort, and it is large enough to have enough space to relax and stretch. And can withstand up to 330 LBS

Quality Assurance: soft, sturdy chair is made of soft polyester/cotton, to ensure that they do not is torn or damaged, the use of traditional hanging chair is impossible to penetrate, so that it is a very good rest place for children or pets, and No smell, very comfortable chair.

Convenience: The comfortable hammock chair provides the best reading place, and it comes with a side pocket, where you can store the book after reading it, and then you can easily meditate or enjoy the scenery.

Features: Anytime, anywhere can easily move – in addition to the balcony, terrace, backyard outside more, reading books, magazines or tablet at the same time to hang out and snuggling in comfortable “cocoon” – listen to the rain, crickets, birds, or enjoy a quiet night that watch

Size: Wood about 40 inches long, about 50 inches high chair.Includes an S-shaped hook and a 2 meter long rope. The pillows in the picture are for reference only and are not included.

Bliss hammock chair, Find The Balance Between Work and Rest, Let You Enjoy A Comfortable Time.

Some people like to hang it in the yard in the winter, enjoy the warm touch of the sun, and then put it on the front porch to listen to the rain when the rain falls in the spring.On a cold night, put it in front of the fireplace, drink a cup of hot tea, and remember the past. So sit down, in this quiet time, and let your troubles disappear with a gently rocking chair.

Durable Hardwood Spreader:

The wooden stick is about 40 inches long and heavy duty hardwood spreader rods make it more stable and stylish. You don’t have to worry about any security issues, just relax and enjoy it wherever you go.

Comfort material:

High-quality structure and a sturdy chair that ensures no tears or breaks during normal use.

Strong and easy to install:

Perfect complement to any indoor or outdoor space and is easy to move. It can support up to 330 pounds.

Built-in side pocket:

A unique built-in side pocket that holds your phone, books, iPad and drinks. Convenient and beautiful.
Pocket size: 8.7 in * 7.9 in (22cm * 20cm)

Product Information:

Product name: Bliss hammock chair
Size: height 47in, seat width: 39in
Maximum weight to withstand: 330 pounds
Color:Dark Grey