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  • Hammock surface material: nylon rope
  • Specification (length * width): 2 S hooks (cm)
  • Maximum load: other (kg)
  • Outdoor sports items: beach, driving, picnic and barbecue, camping
  • Is there a stent: No
  • Weight: Other (g)
  • Color: 2 S-hooks (cm)

For hammock camping, you only need two trees. The spacing between them is large enough to hang your hammock comfortably. Then, you can easily hoist the hammock within a few minutes. You can also add accessories to turn the hammock into a hammock tent. The tent can provide the same shelter as a conventional tent. But the sleeping space is much more comfortable.

Units: mm
Note: The size of the product is measured manually, and there may be a little error. Please refer to the kind received.

Tent and hammock camping: what is the difference?

Use these accessories to make full use of weekend shortcuts and travel tips. When you are going to sleep, the worst part of camping must be uneven ground.

To be fair, there is a unique beauty in sleeping on the ground… Suppose you have a nice field to pitch a tent without worrying about the water. Tree roots pierce your back or rough stones ruin the comfortable experience elsewhere.

After trying, you will no longer want to camp in the wild. Also, you will save a lot of packaging space! The hammock is lightweight and easy to pack. Compared with tents, they are also much easier to install. And they can provide you with the best sleep.

But to ensure that you have the best camping experience. You need the best accessories for the hammock to keep you warm, comfortable and free from bugs and elements.

Hammock tent VS Hammocks camp

Compared with tents, hammocks are more comfortable and fun. And easier to install and remove. Here are the many benefits of hammock camping:

The same protection

With a variety of hammock accessories, you can provide the same shelter in the tent. Camping in a hammock with protection and privacy, but sleeping in a hammock has more benefits.
Moreover, according to the different seasons, you can put them in layers, or you can keep one layer behind. So no matter the weather or bugs, you will always feel comfortable.


A hammock is easier to carry and install than a tent. They are lightweight and easy to carry. And unlike tents, they are not just places to sleep. You can use the hammock as a chair while wandering around the campground. Or, use it as a comfortable place to rest and read.

Sleep better

Who doesn’t want to be shaken to sleep? A hammock sleeps better than sleeping in a tent. Many factors can impair your sleep (and back) in the tent. You may be sleeping on rocks, tree roots, slopes or wet ground. But, when camping in a hammock, you no longer have to worry about the condition of the ground. After setting the hammock , you will get the most comfortable and peaceful sleep while camping.

Fresh air

Even if the tent window is open, sleeping in a hammock can provide more fresh air and ventilation than a tent. You will fall asleep and breathe fresh air.
This makes the morning even better, because once the sun rises, you don’t have to worry about baking in the tent. Instead of rushing out of the tent from half-drowsy sleepy sweat. It is better to wake up from the sights and sounds of nature, relax and comfortable.

These camping hammock accessories are easy to pack in, and they are also very light to carry. So, to give you extra comfort while sleeping. They are worth the extra space in the backpack. Regardless of the weather, as long as you have suitable hammock equipment. You can enjoy the camping trip at any time of the year.

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