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Camping hammock chair – hanging & enclosed

  • Hammock surface material: canvas
  • Maximum load: 300 (kg)
  • Is there a stent: No
  • Weight: Other (g)

The camping hammock chair is an excellent alternative to the traditional hammock. The hammock chair not only allows you to sit upright easily. At the same time, it enjoys the same comfort and relaxation as a traditional hammock. And they take up less space.

This makes the hammock chair a perfect addition to a terrace, garden or other outdoor space. Buy two or more and place them near the outdoor fireplace. Throw some light strings in the backyard to absorb good vibes.

The new upgraded anti-rollover

Breathable fabric, comfortable outdoor

Fine mosquito nets to prevent interference

Memory support metal bars
The nets are supported by memory bars
Convenient storage, second open without manual support

Fine gauze
Upgrade the gauze mask to avoid mosquito bites outdoors and avoid being disturbed by fallen leaves when sleeping

Strong bearing capacity, tear-resistant fabric

Step 1: Wrap 8 loops of rope around the tree

Step 2: Make 8 loops of rope around the tree and tighten it

Step 3: buckle the safety buckle on the 8-ring rope

Step 4: buckle the ring on the hammock on the safety buckle