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Camping hammock stand – portable & handy

  • Product Name: Hammock Bracket
  • Article number: AT6754
  • Material: Iron frame
  • Net weight: 11KG
  • Gross weight: 12KG
  • Tube diameter: 43 mm
  • Wall thickness: 2 mm

The two ends of the hammock are connected to the crossbar in the triangular stand. The bracket balances and decomposes the force exerted on it, making the bracket more stable and firm.
The whole bracket can be disassembled and assembled. It is not subject to environmental constraints and restrictions in the outdoor environment, and can be used anytime and anywhere.

The best portable hammock Stands.

If you want to play with a hammock in a place without trees, then it is very important to have a portable hammock stand. Or, if you are looking for something more permanent (for example, for your backyard), you may need to invest in a portable stand. So that you can choose to camp anywhere.

Why do you need a portable hammock stand?

If you are hiking or camping in a forest area. Your campsite may lack the ideal treehanging hammock. The portable stand is easy to pack in the suitcase. To make sure you can hang it anywhere.

  • Or worse, where you go may prohibit or restrict tree hammocks in certain areas or anywhere. With the popularity of hammocks, more and more states and national parks began to suppress hammocks.
  • You can hang almost anywhere. Such as parks, beaches, deserts. Even waiting in line for the next iPhone…

For this reason, the portable hammock stand will not damage the trees. It is also better for the environment. Usually, a typical tree belt will not damage the tree . But this is another nice benefit of having an independent stand.

camping hammock stand on the beach

Things to consider for portable hammock stands:

Footprint. Because the hammock frame requires a lot of floor space to install. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to the floor space. Although these hammock stands are very portable, some of them occupy a large area. Thus, it may limit the location of using it. If you need to consider the floor space, please check these folding hammocks with brackets. There are a few that take up almost no space at all.

Actual weight. If you want something that is easy to carry, make sure it is not too heavy to carry. Generally, the larger and heavier the stand, the less likely it is to move or pack in the camp.

Weight capacity. Depending on the affordability of your hammock. Make sure that the structure of the support can support the same or more weight. Especially if you have double hammocks and want two people to use them at the same time.

Tote. If you plan to bring it into many adventures. You have to consider whether to attach a suitcase that can pack your luggage? I wouldn’t say that this is a deal-breaking behavior, because this is also a good choice.