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Camping hammock tarp – waterproof & rainproof

  • Brand: Other
  • Is there a bracket: No
  • Weight: 550 (g)
  • Color: black, camel, dark green, army green, gray
  • Hammock surface material: plaid
  • Water pressure: 2000mm
  • Product Number: LF1227
  • Specification: 360*290cm (specification/color can be customized)
  • Accessories: 2 16cm aluminum ground nails, 4 3m flower ropes, a separate storage bag

Choosing the right tarp for your hammock is actually harder than you think. Not only can you not pick up the oilcloth you find. Nor can you simply buy tarpaulins. Because, you need to consider the tarpaulin size of the hammock and the shape of the tarpaulin. And the material and weight of the tarpaulin.

What size tarp for hammock camping?

When checking the tarp size of the hammock. The first thing to remember is how much coverage you need. Before making a decision. You need to check the weather conditions of the trip, including the area where you want to go camping.

The best size for hammock camping

The size of a tarp for hammock camping depends on the weather conditions. Depends on the coverage you need. For example, camping in four seasons or cold weather? If this is the case, the best option is a tarp that is moisture-proof, cold-proof, and wind-proof.

But, if you want to camp in warm or mild conditions. You only need to cover the hammock with a simple cover to keep the bugs out in the middle of the night. And protect you when it rains.

Choose tarp weight

As we mentioned before, the weight of the tarp will depend on the material it is made of. You need to consider where to go and how long it takes to walk to reach your destination.

If you have to walk a long way. And had already brought several pounds of equipment. You may be tempted to use ultralights, nylon hammock tarps. If the weather is not too bad, this is what you especially want.

Although, if you do not carry too much with you and/or the weather at any time during the journey is not satisfactory. Then you will want to use heavier tarps made of polyethylene.

Different tarp shapes

Tarp is not just square or rectangular. In fact, there are many different shapes to choose from. Thus, the best option is to choose the shape of the tarp according to your hammock and the coverage required by the above categories.

  • The rectangular tarp provides 4 fixing points. And set a ridge line above the hammock. Although the ventilation effect of these tarps is not good. But it provides greatest coverage and protection from elements.
  • Catenary tarp use curved areas to make them light and unlikely to hang down on you, which is a good choice for windy weather.
  • Diamond tarps are the lightest tarps you have ever found. Unfortunately, they do not provide much coverage. But they do have 2 anchor points, which are easier to set up than other shapes of tarps.
  • Hexagonal tarps are very like rectangular tarps with different angles. They are inclined inward rather than outward. Thus, they need less material. It is also a lightweight option with better ventilation. But, they are indeed expensive.

Almighty sky, necessary for wild travel. Can be used with a hammock

The versatile canopy can be used as a floor mat.

Product accessories & specifications:

Flowered rope with three-hole plate x4 pieces (flowered rope length 3m)

Clavos de aluminio x2,(clavos de aluminio de 16 cm de longitud y 6mm de diámetro)


  • Material: 210T plaid cloth PU2000 water pressure
  • Product specification: 360cm*290cm
  • Product weight: 550g
  • Standard accessories: flowered rope with three holes x 4 pieces (flowered rope length 3m) ; 2 aluminum ground nails (aluminum ground nails 16cm long / 6mm in diameter)
  • Color: Camel/black/dark green
  • It is used in parks/seaside/beach/mountain forest and other outdoor places

Available in three colors

Dark green tarp

Black tarp

Camel tarp

Six advantages show

01 High quality fabric

  • Using 210T check cloth
  • PU2000 water pressure

02 Double corner

  • Double fabric design
  • Reinforce the trip wire

03 Edge Bartack

  • Barbed edge reinforcement
  • Beautiful and firm without off-line

04 Inside display

Waterproof and glue treatment inside the splice

05 Wind rope display

  • Adjustable buckle on top
  • Strong and firm
  • Easy to adjust

06 Perforated circle

  • Steel perforated ring
  • Meet daily needs
  • Strong tear proof