Cat hammock with stand – natural material

  • Easy to assemble like legos! Stretch cloth over 4 wooden frame pieces.
  • 100% Cotton, Machine Washable
  • Size: L22 in x W17 in x H7 in (L56 x W43 x H17.5cm)
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Color:Beige


  • 1 x Cat hammock with stand
  • 4 x Wooden Frame Pieces w/anti-slip pads

✔ STURDY AND SAFE DESIGN. This Cat Hammock with Stand is eco-friendly and stable on all four corners so the fabric is secure and easier for sleeping. Dimensions 22 x 17 x 7 in.

✔ The BEST HAMMOCK FOR CATS! This latest design in cat furniture lets your cat relax in style and look adorable while doing it! Cozy gray or beige plush, and paw prints, let them know that this is theirs!

✔ This ultimate Cat Hammock with Stand is COZY and COMFORTABLE, and elevated to provide maximum COMFORT to pressure points and joints while lounging. The soft plush also contours to the shape of their body and is a pleasure to rub against. It’s also great for massaging and playing in too!

✔ CONVENIENT TO ASSEMBLE AND CLEAN. Fabric Cover needs to be stretched over the wooden pieces as in the photo. No dangerous or toxic pieces involved. Cloth is machine washable.

✔ MULTI-PURPOSE. This pet hammock fits all small animals under 16 lbs

The Cat Hammock with stand is the ultimate comfort bed for your cat to relax in! Besides looking cool while taking a nap, the curvature of the cat hammock with stand cloth contours to the shape of the cat’s spine, allowing for the most comfortable sleeping positions! Because it lets the cat lay down in natural positions, you can pet their belly while they sleep. The warm plush cloth adds for extra comfort, attracting your cat to rub against it and massage its fur.

Our products after using many cat products for the cats that we help temporarily shelter. Every month the local shelter helps with almost 40 adoptions every month, nursing cats from sickness to health, socializing them with people and other cats, and then finding them permanent homes with good owners. With the products that they naturally gravitated towards, we’ve made improvements in design to make them sturdier, more comfortable, and more attractive for your cats to enjoy. We hope you like what we do and what we believe in, so please share with us if your cats feel the same!

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