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  • Weight: 740-1110 (g)
  • Color: Dark blue stitching, blue black stitching
  • Item No.: 1
  • Specifications (length * width): 22090 tied rope version, 260140 tied rope version, 260140 tied version, 300200 tied rope version, 300*200 tied version (cm)
  • Hammock surface material: Parachute silk fabric
  • MOQ: 200$

The best comfortable hammock The booth is equipped with its own hammock. Which is extra wide and can accommodate up to 200-300kg. This makes it ideal for two campers. Canvas is soft but durable.

  • Advantage:
  • Durable and comfortable hammock
  • Solid wood frame
  • Powder coating weather resistance
  • Including suitcase
  • Disadvantages:
  • Large backpack is not ideal

Why use a portable hammock ?

Stretching in a hammock is one of the most comfortable ways to relax outdoors. It may not seem necessary to buy hammocks, but they have many advantages over tying them to trees.

Many suspension modes:

Traditional hammocks are often difficult to set up. You need to find an area where two trees or similar objects are separated at an appropriate distance. Even if you can find two placed anchors, many campsites and parks prohibit the use of traditional hammocks. Because they will damage the natural environment.

Portable hammocks are easier to set up and use:

You can use it in a space without trees or anchors. Some designs can even be set in sloping terrain or narrow Spaces.


Because portable stands are light and easy to move. You can choose to reposition the hammock several times throughout the day. This means you can continue to relax in the shade even if you move around 24/7 during the day.
At night, you can walk closer or farther from the campfire to stay warm and comfortable.

The joys of Holiday and non-traditional camping:

Hammocks with portable stands help you stay comfortable during festivals, concerts and other outdoor activities. They are generally easier to set up and manage than tents. Also, most outdoor areas do not have hammocks or other structures to hold them in place.
Likewise, hammock trestles allow you to camp in any flat, open area. They are perfect for camping in deserts, beaches, or other unstable surfaces.

Set on an uneven surface:

If you need to mount a hammock on an uneven surface, you can use some hangers. Take canoe camping; These were rugged terrain near rivers and lakes but these were not problematic for hammocks.
Also, these shelves don’t take up much space when packed up, so you can carry them through the woods or store them in the trunk for auto camping.

Why use hanging hammock?

Whether you want to play a game on the camping ground or get a good night’s sleep in the car. You can enjoy the convenience of a portable hammock stand. Here are a few of the many benefits associated with this popular camping equipment:

Car Camping Opportunities: Some hammocks are designed to be attached to vehicles. Equipped with proper hammock racks, you can spend the night anywhere you can drive. This setting gives you more freedom on the road.It also improves the stability of the hammock

Improved campsites: Campsite options may be limited. And usually in a narrow, sloping, or other unfavorable position. So hammock camping is possible. But sometimes there are no trees and no proper hammocks. Portable stands allow campers to take advantage of almost every possible venue.

Alternative to trees: Although most people associate hammocks with trees. But this approach is not always available or permissible. Many states and national parks ban hammocks from trees. Because the wrong technique can permanently scare them. Hammock stands enable campers to observe all park rules.You can still enjoy camping in a hammock.

Events and Festivals: Whether you like country music festivals, state fairs or other outdoor events. You can save money by staying at a nearby campsite. In some cases, camping is even seen as part of the experience. Unfortunately, few of the facilities provided for participants provided the tree access needed for hammocks. Bridging gaps are especially ideal in crowded holiday camps.

Travel in the desert: Some of the most beautiful hiking and camping opportunities exist in the desert. In such environments, anchor points may be few and far between. Hammock camping can be tricky. A portable hammock allows you to enjoy the pristine desert while at the same time. The flexibility and comfort of hammock camping is still available.

Trekking above tree lines: The best mountain views are often above tree lines. Like the desert, there are few trees – available in locations that may not be suitable for safe hammock camping. If you camp away from the trees, your hammock booth opens up many attractions that would otherwise be impossible. If you choose to camp near the tree line, the hammock platform will protect you from tall trees. When you climb, this quickly proves the danger of lightning strikes.

Whether you want to play a game on a campground. You want to park anywhere you can get a good night’s sleep. You’ll soon discover the convenience of portable hammocks. The following are just a few of the many benefits associated with this popular work

Rope style: receiving bag + rope + Black D hook

Storage bag + Tie rope +6061 aviation aluminum buckle

Storage bag + tree sleeve + rope + Black D buckle

Storage bag

Square storage bag

Cylindrical storage bag

Square storage bag (with buckle)


Black D-shaped buckle

6061 aviation aluminum buckle

No. 8 galvanized carabiner

Tie rope


Tie rope:



Orange gray stitching:

Silver, pink:

Red and black stitching:

Sky blue, silver gray:

Sky blue, royal blue:

Dark green, camel:

Gray and black stitching:

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