Cost neck hammock – neck pain relief

It minimizes tension headaches, enhances sleep quality, and improves posture and alignment.

NO MORE WORRY OF HEAD FALLING DOWN ON THE FLOOR! The straps are more practical and simple to connect the neck traction device, more adjustable for the best position for you to relax on than before.

Save your time if you are too busy to visit a physical therapist. No need to afford high cost treatments in hospital with this head hammock. It can quickly relieve your neck pain in less than 10 minutes at home,office or anywhere.You can get better blood circulation and feel great relief on your neck muscles and reduce the spinal stiffness.Keep using it,you don’t need to go to therapy center anymore. Much time and money can be saved to do other things.

Forget the complicated steps to install.What you need to do is to follow our instruction, 10-20 seconds to get all done! You can attach the neck cervical traction to a door jamb, door knob, railing or other places that stable enough to hang. And it’s more than portable than you can imagine. You can fold it up into the small gift carry bag when you are not using it. Take it with you anywhere, Super Convenient! Easy take easy enjoyment.

Customer always comes first. You can get a full refund if you are dissatisfied about our portable neck hammock. If you have any questions, please contact our team immediately.

Why we need hammock for neck? Nowadays, many people get cervical pain or neck problem because of bad posture.It is cost much money and time to physiotherapy center. However,our hammock for neck just takes 10 minutes or less to solve your neck or spinal problem. Although it’s small at size,it works perfectly more than you can imagine.It’s like doing a massage on your neck and back,but more gently and more comfortably.You can obtain good blood flow and circulation,relax your neck muscle and reduce your soreness.A simple device can solve the problem all at a time. Why not give it a try?