How To Make A Crystal Necklace

Quartz crystals have become more and more popular recently. It seems that every jewelry supplier is selling them. So how do you create a simple crystal necklace pendant? There are many ways to integrate quartz crystals into a piece of jewelry. Including embed them into the Crystal Clay environment. Simple winding is the easiest way to create a pendant. But bead stitching is another good option.

crystal necklace how do you create a simple crystal necklace pendant

Decoration Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystals are sometimes referred to as single-ended or double-ended crystal points. Its styles are diverse. You can do it without drilling or drilling.

The single-ended crystals of the coating are small. And has smaller holes for use with No. 24 wire.

The double-terminated crystal is larger. With 1 mm hole. Cooperate perfectly with 20 gauge wire.

Quartz crystals

Line Pendant

To make a simple wire-wrapped crystal pendant, you need to prepare a wire pendant.These are very basic. But you can do many other things. One very popular thing is to create a package on top of the crystal.

Cut the crystal pendant to a 3-4-inch thickness

Cut the crystal pendant to a 3-4-inch thickness. Line and center the crystal. Bend the wires straight along the sides of the crystal. Then bend both ends to the top of the crystal. So that they cross each other.

Line Pendant At the point where they cross, bend a line to make it stand upright.
Wrap the other end around the vertical several times. Then trim and plug the wires. Now use vertical wires

Now use vertical wires. Wind the coil and trim the wires. This end is close to the end of the previous wrap. Clamp the ends with chain pliers.

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