6 Best dog car hammocks for 2021

The best dog car hammock will fit your backseats perfectly. It will be machine washable, waterproof and comfy for your pup to relax on. A dog car hammock keeps hair, mud and dirt off of your car seats, a very common issue for pet owners. Moreover, pets that have medical issues or post-surgery conditions can be transported using dog car hammocks.

The dog car hammocks are not like traditional seat covers. Unlike a dog car seat cover, a hammock hooks onto the head rests of the rear and front seats in the vehicle, to create a hammock for dogs over your car’s back seat. This way not only do they provide a safe place for your pet to ride in. And they also protect your vehicle from dog hair, dirt, debris and damage done by canine’s toenails.

How To Choose A Dog Car Hammock?

To choose an appropriate dog car hammock you need to take many things into consideration and ask yourself a variety of questions.

  • What is the weight of my dog?
  • How old is my dog?
  • How big is my back seat?
  • What activities I usually do with my dog when we go travelling by car? E.g. hiking, boating, walking etc.
  • What colours would compliment my car’s upholstery the best?
  • How big is my dog?
  • How much am I willing to spend on a dog car hammock? Is the product within my price range?
  • Is this product machine washable?
  • Is it waterproof or water repellant?
  • What method of suspension does this product use? Will it work in my car?
  • What type of model would best suit my needs? Do I need a heavy-duty hammock, a waterproof model or a luxury quilted fleece one?
  • Does the product have seatbelt openings?
  • What is the fabric content? E.g. 100% polyester etc.
  • Are the straps adjustable?
  • Does it feature an anti-slip bottom?
  • Does it provide UV protection?

Do Dogs Like Car Hammocks?

As with all dog products, how much your dog likes it depends on his/her preference. Some dogs love car seat hammocks, others hate them. Some dogs like them because they like being in confined spaces which give them a sense of security. A quilted padded seat is also comfortable. On the other hand, larger dogs might find the half size hammock uncomfortable because it is small. When buying a dog car hammock it is vital to check specifications, especially measurements to give you dog the best chance of feeling comfortable and ultimately liking the product.