Camping hammock with bug net – hammock tent

Camping hammock with bug net

  • Gross weight: 1.2kg
  • Hammock surface material: yarn-dyed fabric
  • Maximum load: 200 (kg)
  • Net weight: 1000 (g)
  • Bracket material: fiberglass rod

Our double camping hammock is designed to provide greatest comfort. It can accommodate two people in the sunny park. It is also possible to camp in a hammock for one person. The fabric can be easily compressed in the attached waterproof and abrasion resistant roll bag. For dry storage during the journey. Whether it’s hiking, biking, running or spending time on the water. Sometimes we find that relaxation at the end of the day is the most interesting. Then you will see us reach for something and dig out our hammock.

They are lightweight, easy to pack, and suitable for nap and overnight. It is the ideal equipment package for almost every adventure. We have a great selection of many different hammocks that will enhance your camping, leisure and sleep.

What is the best camping hammock?

To find the best hammock available now, we researched the market. Talked to the product manager. We considered the capacity, size, weight, function and cost of each product. We tested as many of these hammocks available on our website as possible. And use them in our backyards, local parks and remote areas. Because we hang out here during the day and spend the night. We use scales to verify the manufacturer’s weight requirements. And measured how small each box is compared to the unpackaged box. For hammocks that we were unable to test, we quoted comments from customers and experts.

Double camping hammock Vs tent:

The hammock tent is a favorite for weight-conscious people, it combines lightness and protection. Most have pockets for easy storage of equipment. And a built-in or compatible insect screen to prevent you from being bitten all night. They are also designed to use fly lines. It provides privacy and protects the elements. Especially in windy or rainy weather, the fly line should be placed on the ground.

portable lightweight double camping hammock

Some hammock tents are also equipped with poles. The struts are installed at both ends, and the fabric used as a hammock is suspended from the scaffold below. This is like the design of a backyard hammock, spreading the material. Instead of letting them be tied together. These rods form a flat base to provide greatest comfort. And it is movable like a tent pole. Thus the hammock can still be packed relatively small. Sometimes, the company will add a hanger that extends horizontally. To support the insect net like a tree crown.

double camping hammock with stand

People who often sleep in hammocks should consider buying a system. These systems include hammock tarps, insect nets, flies, and sometimes straps. It is more cost-effective than buying these items separately. But, if you wish to only sleep in a hammock a few times a year. Then DIY setting is your ideal choice. At least invest in weatherproof polyurethane-coated flies. And hang it on a certain length of parachute rope. And fixed to the same tree that supports the hammock.

double hammock for camping

For daily use, you only need a simple sling and a reliable suspension system. Most hammocks come with carabiner. But only some have straps. If you completely abandon the traditional tent and sleep in the bushes. Then the hammock tent is your way out. Ultralight adventurers should also consider the weight and compactness of the hammock. Finally, make sure to use a tree-friendly suspension system. The system has a webbing that is at least one inch wide. Lest they bite into the bark.

One and double camping hammocks and hammock tents. No matter which tool you choose, it should be able to accommodate any of your equipment. And enough to lie in it comfortably. A person hammock is a good choice for many people. But double hammocks are also very popular. They provide more space and greater weight restrictions.


Q: Is it safe to camp in a hammock?

A: Even when you are in a hammock it may feel like a soft burrito on a bear plate. There is no research showing that hammock camping is more dangerous than tent camping.

Q: Can one person sleep in a double hammock?

A: Double hammock: The width of most models is in the range of 5 to 6 feet. Also to providing a more spacious relaxation or sleeping experience than a single person. It also allows you to choose two people to share hammock time.

Q: How do you hang a hammock?

To ease hanging and disassembly of the portable hammock. For use in the field or in the yard, please use tree straps or two ropes at both ends of the hammock. Choose two strong trees, the distance between them is about 14 to 16 feet. Follow the instructions to tie the tree strap, and then attach the end of the hammock to the tree strap.

Q: Which is warmer tent or hammock?

A: I can’t give the exact degree level. But yes, the hammock is colder than the tent. If only one sleeping bag and one hammock are left. You will find that the pressure points (hip, feet, elbows, etc.) are much colder.


Product name: Double camping hammock with bug net
Item No.:HW-J1472 with mosquito net
Material: 210T nylon spinning + encrypted account yarn
Expanded size: 260X150CM
Storage size:diameter 46CM
Color: Army Green and Fruit Green / Royal Blue and Sky Blue
Weight: about 0.94KG
Function:Family leisure camping outing

The parachute fabric is thin and breathable

double camping hammock with mosquito net

Lightweight portable double camping hammock

Color Display:

Scene display:

Show details:

01 Hammock struts,
The mosquito net can be propped up without a sling
Can bend freely without being broken.

02 Two-way zipper head,
Easier to use

03 .Stainless steel carabiner
Hard and firm

04 .Solid nylon binding rope
Strong wear-resisting

01 . Hold the hammock between your hands

2. Stack them together

03 Fold in half to make a circle

04. Repeat 2 and 3

5. Fold in half into a circle

06. Put it in a storage bag