Free standing hammock swing – indoor & outdoor

Name: Free standing hammock swing
Lining: Non-woven lining
Bourre: high quality cotton
Weight: about 2000g
Size: about 120cm length, about 86cm width, thickness of about 15cm cushion

Premium material: the cushion is made of sanded fabric, provided that you eliminate stains on time, you fear no shame!The cover is easily cleaned with a damp cloth (Note: Only the pad, Without hanging chair).

Big: The measurement cushion 90x120cm, only suitable for carpets, except for chairs.

Advantage nontoxic: Filled with high quality pearl cotton, the cushion is non-toxic and safe, without impurities.

thickening Design: This cushion is thick enough that you never feel the swivel chair or a wicker chair structure.

Wide Application: This soft seat cushion suitable for hanging beds, with hanging baskets, cushions for indoor or outdoor for swivel chairs;rocking chairs, living rooms, family rooms.

Swing chair cushion, cushion suspension seat basket basket, cushion for free standing hammock swing cushion for hanging, soft cushion slip multicolor thickening for the suspended garden chair rattan cane.