Guinea pig hammock for sale – pet & small animal

GUINEA PIG HAMMOCK-This hammock provides a soft cozy place for your pets to snuggle up. Super warm flannel fleece with waterproof cartoon material. Super thick than any other hammock. Better using for winter. You can choose either side of the hammock for your pet.

Detail Informatioin:

  • Length:13.8 inch
  • Width:13.8 inch
  • Weight: 4.2oz/120g
  • Max Length Strap: 10 inch
  • Min Length Strap: 6.6 inch

GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR LOVELY PET – Comfy bed for your favorite pet! Comfortable hammock for Ferrets, Guinea Pig , Hamster ,Chinchilla, Rats,Mice, Parrot, Bunnies, Flying Squirrel, Sugar glider , Hedgehog , Berbil , Degu , Parrakeet and other small pet animals.

UPGRADED ADJUATABLE STRAP EASY TO ATTACH CRATE– Attach to crate or cage corners with four metal hooks. Adjustable straps helps you hanging at the right height for your lovely. No complicated your pets safety when they are playing.

LARGE SIZE FOR ALL SMALL PET-Unfold Measures Size 13.8″L x 13.8″W, Fit 2 Adult Ferrets or More Adult Rats. Lovely pattern design can bring more fun to your pet and your life.Max.load support up to 10lbs .Weight: 4.2oz/120g.

DURABLE &MACHINE WASHABLE – Easy to clean we recommend hand washing with soap. Also washable in washing machine(Please remove the hook before cleaning).

Why small animal need a Soft Flannel Fleece Hammock?

Hammocks are designed to be suspended from the cage, forming a “dimple” that the ferret curls up in. And hanging hammocks are great because they add more usable space to a cage. They also can be strategically hung to provide “steps” to a higher level and prevent long falls in a multistory cage. The deign of this double layer hammock allow the ferret to either sleep on the outside or tunnel into the interior of the hammock. These sleep sack–hammock combinations are quite versatile.

Why Choose Our Pet Small Animal Hammock?

Perfect for all small pets. Best for Guinea Pig,Chinchilla, Ferrets,Parrot, Bunnies, Rats,Mice,Hamster,Flying Squirrel, Sugar glider , Hedgehog,Berbil,Degu, Parrakeet and other small pet animals.
It is an ideal product for you to save space. And small animals naturally love to hide in covered spaces. Your pet will love to sleeping in the comfortable hammock bed.
Pay Attention:Remove item immediately if it becomes damaged or excessively chewed on.

Waterproof+Fleece Design

Pet hammock is made of cute high-density waterproof material outside and warm fleece material inside,
It can be used reversibly with either side up or down.
Suitable for any seasons.

Long Strap Hook Design

It comes with four metal cage hooks that attach the hammock to the cage.
Adjustable straps helps you hanging at the right height for your need
Easy to hanging on the pet crate /cage /chair or other furniture.
If there is no place to hook, please find tapes or others bind to the furniture, then hook the hammock.

Mashine Washable Design

Please remove 4 hooks before laundering.
Machine wash cold water on gentle and dry on low heat.
It’s great gift for your pet for fun, your pet happy and so are you.