Hammock chair with umbrella – lounge chair

  • Material: Metal, Polyester
  • Cushion Thickness: 2-Inch
  • Weight Capacity: 260 lbs
  • Item Weight: 79 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions: 68.1”(L) x 43.1”(W) x 79.1”(H)

Hammock Chair With Umbrella: The umbrella of the chair’s top is adjustable, so you could re-position it depending on the position of the sun. Usually, the shade is large enough to cover your body, it can protect you from sun exposure, unless the sun is very bright.

Selected Material: The chair frame is made of high strength metal, once installed on the ground, you will hardly feel any movement as you sit on it, it’s reliable and durable; Soft and thick cushions give you a bed-like feel when you lie down on them, more relaxed and comfortable.

Floating Design: The outdoor hammock lounge chair features a floating design, the cushion area is large enough for you to lie on, you could enjoy the sufficient comfort of sunshine and breeze, especially on a crisp afternoon, you will love it.

Suitable Location: For a sunny day, the hammock lounge chair is suitable for using in poolside, lawn, garden, balcony etc; For a rainy day, you could put it to lounge and living room. In general, you could put the chair where you feel cozy, taking a nap and reading a book both are great choices.

Assemble Easy: When you received the item and want to install, you can refer to our instruction to confirm whether there are few accessories. If not, please refer to the instruction to install , it’s very simple and convenient.