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Best camping hammock with mosquito net 2020

  • Hammock surface material: cotton
  • Maximum load: other (kg)
  • Is there a stent: No
  • Gross Weight: Other (g)

The best camping hammock with mosquito net is perfect for camping in the wild. Camp by the water or on the beach, where bugs (especially mosquitoes and sand flies) can be a real nuisance. Also to the rain cover, the shelter of the camping hammock is also easy to set up. As waterproof as any tent. It can be packed in a small backpack and ensures that you can sleep on a comfortable bed every night.

Sleeping in the wild is a good way to get close to nature. Camping hammocks are a comfortable choice for sleeping in the wild. Hammocks are light and portable, but usually do not have any insect screens. It will not protect you from insect bites during sleep. But, you can get a separate insect screen for the hammock. But they are not as convenient and compact as hammocks that have been sewn with mosquito nets.

How to choose a camping hammock with mosquito net?

The best hammocks with mosquito nets combine many functions. Can provide a more comfortable camping refuge than a small tent. Be sure to consider your intended use and note the following:

Weight: When choosing a hammock, weight can be an important factor. This is why we include the weight in the list below. Save 100 grams here, 100 grams there, and you can quickly reduce your total weight while hiking and traveling

Size: Unless you are above average height, you don’t need to worry about anything. But if you are higher than 6 feet, you should make sure that the hammock is long enough. Unless you plan to shop with your partner. Otherwise, always stick to a width to reduce weight. And avoid handling large amounts of unnecessary fabrics.

Carrying capacity: directly related to the material used and the nylon blend. The most load capacity is a guide for how much weight the hammock can safely hold. Construction quality and sewing are also part of it. But because the hammock is usually made of a piece of cloth. So you don’t want it to be too fragile.

Materials: The best camping hammocks with mosquito nets are made of different mixtures of nylon. This nylon is soft, durable, fast-drying and lightweight. Sometimes you will get a hammock made of cotton. But they are heavier than nylon hammocks and must longer drying time.

What’s included: Whether your mosquito net hammock is equipped with tree straps, sundries bags, tarpaulins, ropes and hooks. Or do you need to buy it separately? Picking up all the extra stuff is not a problem. But before ordering online, it is a good idea to know what is included.

Independent hammock and built-in mosquito net which good?

How do you decide whether to separate the mosquito net from the hammock? Or whether to put a mosquito net in the hammock. Either choice is good. But before making a choice, there are a few things to consider.
Both options will protect you from bugs. But each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The built-in mosquito net sounds like the best option at first. But it is not always the best choice for you. It is already part of the hammock, which means you don’t have to worry about adding it to the hammock later.

But the built-in mosquito net also means that if there is no mosquito net, you will not be able to lie down at will. You will have to sit on top of the net. This can be very uncomfortable. More importantly, it may damage the mesh. The hammock with built-in mosquito net only covers the top of the hammock. This means that it will not prevent mosquitoes from biting through the thin fabric of the hammock itself, unless of course you have purchased a full range of hammock. Net, it is hard to find.

If you use a separate hammock, you can wear this net throughout the hammock. And don’t worry about getting bitten during the adventure. The dedicated hammock mosquito net means you can use the mosquito net when needed. It can also be deleted when needed. If you are going to a mosquito-free environment, you can even leave mosquito nets at home.


Commercial name:camping hammock with mosquito net 
Commodity fabric:Tear resistant nylon fabric
Product weight: 0.5/0.75kg
Product size:240″120cm/260*140cm
Product load:300kg
Product accessories: convenient storage bag, steel buckle 1 pair, tie rope 1 pair, mosquito net rope 1 pair

Drawstring double hammock size

Quick opening double hammock size

Quick opening single hammock size

Installation steps

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Safety warning:

1. The rope on the head of the hammock cannot be entangled or knotted.

2. The height of the two ends should be equal, keep the hammock balanced, not one end high and the other low

3. When children use hammocks, they should put protective MATS under the hammock. To prevent a fall

4. The posture of using the hammock can be sitting or lying down. Never try to stand on the hammock. It will be very dangerous.

5. The most suitable and safe distance between the hammock and the ground is 20-40 cm

6. When lying flat in the hammock, the direction should be balanced with the hammock, do not tilt too much, otherwise it will be easy to fall out

Netting Material:

When you want to pick the next mosquito net. Please try a mosquito net material with small holes. That being said, you may not want to use the smallest pore size material. Because they usually don’t let you see the stars from the hammock.

How big should the hole be?

The small hole will make all bug disappear. But they do limit you in other ways. If your hammock is used in invisible places and other very small insect bites. Then you want to buy something with a small mesh. Omit, if you are only worried about horse flies and mosquitoes. Then you might want a slightly larger hole.

360-degree high-density anti-mosquito

How strong and lightweight should the netting be?

When you decide to choose a mosquito net, you need to find the right balance between the weight and strength of the mosquito net. We have always wanted to find the strongest net. But strong means heavy. The heavier the hammock, the heavier the weight on the hike.

Lightweight mesh is more portable and lighter. But the durability is also poor. You need to find a balance that allows you to have a hammock that is strong enough but not too heavy. Can serve you.

There are a lot of mosquito net hammock models. It is important for you to understand before buying a model. You need to see which model best suits your needs.


These hammocks are perfect for long trips. They are lighter than parachute hammocks. And still has very high stability and durability

Super light

These are the best options for day trips and/or limited weight capacity and every pound is important. They are very light and can bear the weight of one or two nights. But they are not ideal for larger people or people who have stayed in the camp for many nights.

Hammock Weight

It is important to know how much weight your hammock can hold. Everyone’s weight is different. The weight is directly related to the number of people in the hammock and the purpose of sitting, lying or sleeping. You don’t want to sag or tear too much outdoors at night.

Most mosquito hammocks have a label that tells you the weight range of the hammock. This is your guiding principle, and you don’t want to exceed that limit. Exceeding the weight limit may tear the hammock.

You want to be able to keep it cool in summer. This means that your mosquito net hammock should be made of breathable nylon. But, in winter, you will need an extra hammock to keep the quilt warm. These are usually hammock accessories.

Mosquito net hole

These hammocks are equipped with mosquito nets. It is important to remember that not all mosquito nets are the same. They are all different, and the size of the holes are also different. You need to look at the “number of holes per square inch”. To know the size of the mesh. The larger the hole, the more likely it is for bugs and mosquitoes to enter the hammock.

The holes in all mosquito hammocks are too small for mosquitoes to pass through. But some holes are too small for even mosquitoes to enter. This is the ideal situation when you need a hammock for camping outdoors in the summer.


Suspension system is directly related to safety. Suspension devices are designed to help support hammocks and are usually sold with hammocks. If they are sold separately, remember to buy one. This allows you to assemble hammocks much more easily than without the help of nylon ropes, webbing, and tree slings.


Consider whether you need a multifunctional mosquito net. Compare with the number of mosquitoes in a particular area you think. You may find that the number of mosquitoes is very low. In this case, it is ideal to try to sleep under the stars in a hammock without mosquito nets.