Hammock net for sale – Double Sided & Camping

Exclusive 100% Polyester Mesh No-See-Um netting 360 degree coverage, which is ideal in balancing protection against Bugs & Mosquitos. Moreover, this Hammock net is breathable and provides ventilation.

Fits Most Camping hammocks- No matter which type of portable hammock you have, Open the vertical zipper, climb into the spacious interior, and it’s time to chill, bug free!

Fast and easy set up – Turn your hammock into a tent in seconds. Just hang the included ridge line and use the speed clips to quickly attach the net. Light weight, portable and backpacker approved: Weighing only 21.5 ounces, the bug net easily fits into it’s stuff sack.

Hammock net comes with our convenient dual sided diagonal zipper for fast in and out access. You can hanging on the tree straps with hooks or tie the tree with ridge lines, the vertical zipper allows for quick and easy access and quick cinch ends secure the ends of your hammock against bugs.

Details section


No-see-um netting for 360-degree coverage and protection, the charcoal-colored net is easy to see through, giving you completely peaceful nights and sleep like a baby all night.


Come with 1 ridgeline, it goes up without effort, you can hang on the net in minutes with clips. The bug net attached compression sack work will minimize the space used in your backpack camping! Pretty lightweight and compact.


The vertical zipper with well sewn.
You can zip up as soon as you get in your hammock! Makes it easy to get in and out


Package Weigh:0.57 lb
Harmmock Bug Size:11 ft X 4.6 ft
Material:Polyester Netting Fabric

Package Includes:

1 X Harmmock Bug with pouch
1 X Rope