Hammock swing amazon – hanging rope hammock

☺ The children’s hammock swing is made of high-quality canvas and smooth wood, and its design takes into account safety, durability, functionality and appearance.

☺Suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years old. The hammock swing can withstand a weight of 50 kg / 110.23 lbs.The Safe Crawling Toddler Swing is a perfect choice-exercise babies sense of balance and physical coordination.

☺This canvas hanging hammock swing seat can be used indoors and above. Outdoors, you can hang the swing on a sturdy tree branch, allowing your baby to appreciate nature at close range.

☺This baby hammock swing seat is equipped with adjustable and wear-resistant ropes and has excellent load-bearing capacity. The removable seat cushion is more comfortable and safe.

☺ Our baby hammock swing seat can exercise your baby’s balance ability, improve their physical coordination ability,

We focus on finding and buying wood and canvas for our swing for a long time. The sturdy structure and comfortable design will accompany your children.

The durability and the possibility of transformation of the baby swing hammock will allow children to enjoy the swing for many years.
The removable cushion is very suitable for the baby’s back, which will greatly protect the baby’s spine. Babies can sit longer without fatigue.

The baby swing hammock can be folded and put in a carrying bag, which is very convenient. Whether indoors or outdoors, children can play with our swing.

Whether hanging it on the ceiling or swing hammock frame / garden tree, our swing can bring laughter and joy.

Sit back and watch your little one relax on their new swing and be engaged by the natural beech wood teething play toys.

The cute bear ear design and colour range means this swing will complement any home and garden environment.

It is an extremely safe swing for your baby with its durable canvas and high quality wood, without any screw or metal.

The packaging (gray/pink) includes 4 sticks, canvas, swing suspenders, hooks, wooden rings, cushions and storage bags. (Excluding ceiling fixing hook, installation kit, rotating bracket)