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2020 Camping hammock with bug net

  • Maximum load: 200 (kg)
  • Net weight: 750 (g)
  • Gross weight: 0.77 kg
  • Product volume: 26.0 cm * 20.0 cm * 18.0 cm
  • Hammock surface material: 210T nylon spinning

Sleeping under the stars in the night sky sounds great. With a hammock, you can enjoy sleep under the stars. But you will find that the other side is a nightmare. Literally, your sleep experience will become very troublesome, including mosquitoes, invisible animals, ticks, spiders…all the creepiest creepers. However, use the Camping hammock with bug net . You can protect your skin and ensure outdoor sleep.

How to use your bug net?

If you know how to use the hammock bug net correctly. It is easy to avoid bugs from the hammock when sleeping in the summer. Keep away from water or wet campsites. Where there is water, there are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The farther you can get from rivers, ponds, swamps or moist soil, the better.

Spray your bug net with permethrin. This is a safe insect repellent suitable for fabrics. By covering the bug net with this spray, it can help you stay away from the insects. This is very convenient when opening and closing the mosquito net. After all, when the network is fixed, you can keep them out. But before compression, they always have a chance to sneak in. Then, there you are trapped by alluring flyers.

When you use your bug net, , please fix it in the proper position according to the instructions. Some mosquito nets use ropes, while others use slings and safety buckles. Please follow the instructions and use all the gadgets and small objects included.

After you have finished using your bug net, shake it out. To eliminate all lingering offenders. Roll it up gently to avoid cracks or holes in the mesh. Especially in the case of using polyester mesh.

Our camping hammock with bug net

Product parameter:

Product name:  Camping hammock with bug net
Fabric: 210T nylon spinning + special encryption plust mosquito net
Size: 260*140cm
Bearing weight:about 200KG (about 400 kg)
Function: outdoor, travel, beach, park, camping, outing, anti-mosquito
Model: WZDCO001
Number of people:1-2 people are recommended,
Color:Please see the outdoor real shot
Weight:about 750 grams

Accessories: 2 pieces of No.8 gourd buckle, 2 pieces of upgrade bandage, 2 pieces of storage bag, 2 pieces of mosquito net rope.

Detail presentation

01 Double-faced four-head zipper

No matter inside or outside, you can pull freely and operate flexibly

02 Hard No.8 gourd buckle

With strong and durable ribbon binding, more stable and strong use

03 Multiple quilting process

Line smooth and beautiful, triple reinforcement more secure

04 External storage bag

Since hammock receives bag, also can store content when using

05 Built-in storage bag

Convenient gauze storage bag, inside and outside the storage are not let go
Save your cell phone, wallet, etc

06 Mosquito net fastens the buckle

Support frame molding, fast hanging fixed

New Bug NET 2020 VS Old Bug NET

2020 new upgraded anti-ant-level encrypted mesh (Upper left picture)

Can block insects smaller than ants. The anti-insect effect is as high as 95%. The UV protection effect is as high as 65%. The dust control effect is as high as 50%. Also consider the insects in the air!

Old style ordinary 6-angle mesh yarn in the market (Upper right picture)

Can’t stop insects smaller than mosquitoes, 60% insect-proof effect, 45% UV-proof intensity, and 30% dust-proof effect!

2020 new upgrade strong tension band (Upper left picture)

High load bearing tension band of 600kg, 2CM wide full of material,
Scratch resistant, durable and visible!

Old style ordinary round rope in the market (Upper right picture)

The material is cheap, it is easy to disconnect and wear, and the load-bearing tension is seriously insufficient. It will be very dangerous over time!

2020 new upgraded tough band buckle(Upper left picture)

New configuration high-bearing weight 8# color gourd hook, 2CM wide and strong strap
Load-bearing is more stable, firm and visible!

Old style ordinary round rope buckle in the marke(Upper right picture)

Equipped with ordinary No. 7 buckle, small and not durable
The bearing capacity is very worrying, use it directly
It is very dangerous if the weight is too large and it is easy to fall off the rope!

2020 new fabric 210T nylon spinning(Upper left picture)

Lightweight and comfortable, the fabric is very soft
Good air permeability, scratch-resistant and durable, that is, load-bearing and tear-resistant!

Old fake 210T nylon spinning in the market(Upper right picture)

The actual material is polyester, fake nylon spun
The price is cheap, not scratch-resistant, not durable, and easy to tear!

Outdoor real shot

Every bug net in the market has its own functions and advantages. Can help it stand out from the competition. Although some bug nets rank the highest . But you need to find a style that suits your specific needs.

To help you determine the needs in the bug net. Please consider these popular features that can be found in this market.

Coverage Size – The best hammock bug net sizes range from the Eagle’s Nest Outfitters Guardian SL 108 inches x 36 inches to the Unigear Bug Net 132 inches x 55 inches. That is the difference between 9 and 11 feet in length and 3 to 4.5 feet. Do you need to buy a hammock net that fits your hammock exactly? No, but you do want to make sure it will fit and is not too small for your hammock. One option is to get a larger bug net than you need to accommodate for stretching out in your hammock. Also, if you have a double hammock, you need to get a net that is at the larger length and width to fit two hammocks.

Mesh vs No-See-Um Netting – The primary selling point for any bug hammock is the mesh. Common types of mesh include mesh or no-see-um netting. The difference between mesh and no-see-um netting is breathability. According to the Hammock Forums, a mesh netting, which is also known as mosquito netting, lets the breeze blow through the hammock. Meanwhile, no-see-um netting is very tightly woven. No-see-ums can’t get through, but neither can the wind. What this means is you are more likely to get too hot and humid in warm climates.

Of course, this is the place with the most types of insects you want to avoid. If there are many tiny biting insects where you are going. Then you need more things-no bugs or breeze. One option is to use the unmanned net only at night when the temperature drops. And use mosquito nets during the hottest hours of the day.

Weight – The weight of a bug net varies from the super lightweight Dragonfly Bug Net at 9.8 ounces to the Eagle’s Nest Outfitters Guardian Base Camp at 2 pounds and 12 ounces. Weight is a big deal for backcountry campers and hikers who want to keep their weight and capacity down. The lighter the bug net, the better, but you also have to look at how well the net compacts. Bug nets that come with a compression bag are a great choice because they help you save space in your pack.

Fabrics – The fabrics for bug nets are made out of nylon spinning, polyester, and one innovative material that is proprietary to the Kammok brand called Dragonet™. The price range of the materials varies. For example, you can get a budget-friendly Unigear Bug Net for $30, as well as a Sea to Summit Bug Net for $70; both are made using polyester mesh.

Color Choice – You’ll find that the best hammock bug net color range is quite small. Basic color options are white, dark gray, or black. Since you are looking for a summertime snoozing bug net, go with a lighter color. The dark colors only absorb heat from the sunlight. This tends to turn your hammock and bug net into a toaster oven. If you want a white bug net, check out the Serac Camp Hammock Bug Net, Sea to Summit Hammock Bug Net, or Kammok Dragonfly Hammock Bug Net. These are your mid-range priced bug nets as the white hammock is not as common or cheap to utilize by companies. As a result, the rest of the bug nets on this list of the top 10 are designed using darker hues.

Accessorizing – A hammock bug net can come with a number of accessories to increase the bug net’s abilities. Typical accessories include carabiners to help attach the net without using ropes, as well as a compression sack to shrink the size of the contained netting. For those using ropes to attach the bug net, you’ll want to get a guyline, ridgeline, and rope along with your bug net. Collapsable spreader poles are another handy accessory that helps you mount your netting easier and faster.

Price & Quality – The top-rated hammock bug nets range in price point from approximately $30 to $125. Saving money is the primary factor for some campers and hikers. Fortunately, there are several excellent and affordable bug nets out there. In addition, if you have the time and energy to wait out a purchase, you can find great sales on certain brands at bricks-and-mortar and online camping supply stores.

Are you a minimalist backpacker who wants to keep your backpack light? Do you prefer to choose the most cheap brand? After all, even you can save a lot of money on a hammock bug net. But if the hammock doesn’t meet your needs, your money loses value.