Heavy duty hammock stand – hanging hammock

HOW DOES RELAXATION FEEL? If your hammock swings dangerously when you lie down in it, it’s difficult to have a relaxing feeling. No more worries! This stable double-rail stand with extra long feet will keep your hammock in balance at all times
SKY OR EARTH? Would you like to touch the grass with your fingers when you’re lying in the hammock, or would you rather reach for the stars? Thanks to the 2 chains and hooks included, you can easily adjust the height and length of the hammock
BEFORE SUNDOWN: You want to relax in your new hammock, but the sun is about to set? Don’t panic, just plug the parts of the stand into each other, screw on the holding rods for the hooks and chains, and hang the hammock. Done!
HAPPY FAMILY TIME: Lie down with your sweetheart in this double hammock sized 82.7 x 59.1 inches and ponder your bright future together, or snuggle up with your little one with a story book
WHAT’S INCLUDED: A strong double-rail hammock stand for high stability, a durable double hammock for maximum comfort, and all the assembly accessories that allow you to relax anytime you like


Enjoy Your Garden while Lying Down

Your flowers have bloomed again this year. Lie down in your new hammock, watch your lilies move from left to right in the gentle summer wind and bees fly from flower to flower. Life can be so beautiful!

Stable and Flexible

The hammock is connected to the frame with strong iron chains and two hooks. This not only creates a strong construction that can support up to 550 lb but also makes it easy to adjust the length and height of the hammock.


Color: Black Stand, Beige Hammock
Material: Iron, Cotton, Polyester
Stand Size: 124”L x 39.4”W x 53.1”H (315 x 100 x 135 cm)
Hammock Size: 82.7”L x 59.1”W (210 x 150 cm)
Product Weight: 45.2 lb (20.5 kg)
Max. Static Load Capacity: 550 lb (250 kg)

Package Contents:

1 x Hammock Stand
1 x Hammock
2 x Hook
2 x Chain
1 x Instructions


The maximum static load capacity of this product is 550 lb; do not overload.
Keep the product from long-term rain exposure.
Always check the stability of the product before use.