Hennessy camping hammock – deep jungle

★LAY-FLAT Comfort: Discover lay-flat sleep in our 11 foot hennessy camping

★Buy from a company with U.S.-based headquarters and real customer support. No hassles or foreign customer service, simply email us if there is an issue.

★SLEEP BETTER: Our new luxurious “Dynalon” ripstop is softer, stronger, and more comfortable than the cheap 210T 70D nylon everyone else uses.

★SIMPLE & FAST: Our suspension is knot-free, tree-friendly, and can be set-up in 1-min. Structural ridgeline included – 2mm dyneema equivalent UHMWPE, 110in long, 570lbs strength.

★SPACIOUS, yet compact & ultralight: 11 ft long x 58 inches, 13.5 oz (22.5 oz including suspension), 400 lbs weight limit.

Product description

Lay-Flat Halfmoon Hammock

◆A TRUE Hennessy Camping Hammock; get the perfect lay-flat night sleep.
◆Rapid and reliable set-up without confusing knots
◆Travel ready for hiking, backpacking, and camping
◆Astonishingly spacious, yet lightweight and compact
◆“Dynalon” Ripstop Nylon: SOFTER, STRONGER, & more COMFORTABLE than the cheap 210T 70D nylon everyone else uses.

Ridge Outdoor Gear

◆We are a small U.S. business specializing in gear that performs like it costs twice as much.
◆We believe in REAL U.S. customer service. If there is an issue, please email us so our friendly U.S. staff can help!

Don’t Compromise: Don’t buy a hammock that will only last one season. Other competitors cut corners by selling hammocks with less material (i.e., they are smaller!) and with cheaper nylon, HEAVY steel rust-prone carabiners, and tree-damaging ropes that require complex knots.


◆11 ft Hammock with 4 D-hooks for underquilt attachment (we recommend the Mojave Underquilt by Ridge Outdoor Gear)
◆2 x 3m adjustable straps, 10 loops each
◆2 x Aviation-grade alloy carabiners
◆Money back guarantee; email us if there is an issue and we’ll fix it!


◆While two people in this hammock is great for double selfies and snuggling, most people will find it uncomfortable for sleeping. For the best lay-flat sleep lay solo on the diagonal.
◆This hammock can be used safely without the ridgeline installed.
◆Nylon hammock tents are inherently thinner than cotton hammocks, but they are very strong and better for hiking, traveling, camp sleeping, etc.
◆Mosquitoes may bite through the bottom fabric; use a sleep pad/blanket for protection.
◆Avoid pro-longed UV light exposure.
◆Never hang higher than 18 inches.

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