How to untangle a necklace ?

If you wear a necklace. Then at some point you can untie the necklace. Whether it’s traveling in a handbag or not. Or put it on the dresser. Still just hanging around the neck. Chained collars can confuse you into tangled chaos. This will be very troublesome.

How to untangle a necklace?

After a fierce defeat in a particularly frustrating knotted collar. Let’s decide it’s time to explore some solutions. Let’s take a look at how to unlock the collar. This way you don’t have to mix the chains that are entangled together. This will prevent you from wearing your favorite clothes.

The first method: untie the necklace with lubricating oil

1. Find a clear workspace.

When unwrapping, find a hard, flat surface (such as a table) to work. A flat, hard surface will provide stability as you begin to deal with tangles. And prevent other entanglements from forming during this process.
Make sure your work area has enough light. So that you can clearly see the knots and tangles.
It helps to work on a black or white background. Therefore, the knot on the necklace stands out in vivid colors.

Find a clear workspace

2. Open the necklace.

If you have a tangled necklace, loosen the fasteners that attach the ends of the necklace. If you have many necklaces wrapped together. untie the buttons or latches of each necklace.

Open the necklace

3. Spread out your necklace.

Whether you have a tangled necklace or more. You put them on the surface of your work. Then spread it out . So that you can identify the tangled parts.
When you spread the necklace in the work area. Please be careful not to pull the necklace hard. Otherwise, you may end up tightening the knot or breaking the necklace.

Open the necklace

4.Add lubricant to the knot.

Drop a few drops of baby oil or olive oil into the knotted part of the necklace. When you untie the knot. The oil will make the strands of the necklace easier to slip over each other.
Lubricants such as baby oil or olive oil can be safely added to the necklace. And it can be easily washed off.

Add lubricant to the knot

5. Use a needle to pull the knot apart.

Pierce the sharp points of the two needles into the center of the knot. And at the time of knotting. Gently pull the needles apart from each other to open and release the knot. When there is an opening in the knot. Then use a needle to pull the necklace of each necklace into the knot. Be patient in this complicated step.

6. Clean the necklace.

After tangling the necklace. The dirty part of the necklace can be immersed in a mild mixture of detergent and water. To remove before added oil or baby powder. Rinse the necklace with water. Then dry the necklace with a paper towel or a soft cloth.
You can also use the jewelry cleaner purchased by the store to remove grease from the necklace. make sure to rinse the necklace with water. Then dry it.

How to untangle a necklace with baby powder?

Step one: Apply baby oil to the knot with a cotton swab.

Make the chain slip. Then pull the chain. Let the knot become more slack. If the knot is still tight. Then please massage gently. Until I started to feel loose. Once the knot is unlocked. The baby oil can be rinsed off the necklace with a mild soap.

Step two: Insert a straight needle into the center of the knot.

Then pull up to separate the chain that your fingers can’t reach. You may need to take some steps to relax a particularly complex knot. And make sure you don’t find any openings in the chain of the necklace. Otherwise it is possible to break it.

Step three : Sprinkle baby powder on the knot.

This will act as a lubricant. Make the chain easier to pull apart. After unlocking the knot. Please wash the baby powder from the necklace with a mild soap.

How to unlock a necklace with a screwdriver?

Step 1: Prepare the work area.

Find a work area where you don’t mind scratching the surface. Alternatively, you can place a hard book or plastic placemat on the mat that protects the surface.

Step 2: Insert a screwdriver into the knot.

Pass the tip of the screwdriver through the middle of the knot. Press the screwdriver onto the work surface. Make it completely in contact with the work surface. Then twist the screwdriver back and forth. Until the necklace begins to loosen around the knot.
The same method can be used for almost any small object (needle, needle, tack, etc.).

step3: pull the knot.

After the knot is loosened, you can use a screwdriver and a finger to start pulling apart and separate the various parts of the knot.

How to untangle a thin necklace with Windex?

Step 1: Lubricate the knot.

Tap a few drops of Windex onto the knotted part of the necklace. The fire fire Windex will act as a lubricant. Help the knotted necklace lines slide over each other.

Step 2: Loosen the knot.

Place the necklace in a small container on top of the vibrating object. Such as a washing machine. Then let the necklace stay on the vibrating object for a few minutes.
Vibration will help to transfer and shake the knot of the necklace.

Step 3: Untie the necklace.

After a while, the necklace sits still and shakes. Take it out of the small container. Then wipe the knot between your fingers.
At this point, the necklace should be loose enough. Can be separated by fingers.

Step 4: Clean the necklace.

To remove the Windex residue. Soak the necklace in a cleaning solution containing a small amount of mild detergent. Then water it. And rub it on it. Rinse the necklace with water. Then wipe it dry with a paper towel.

How to prevent the necklace from tangling?

step 1: Pass your necklace through the straw.

And open both ends of the necklace. Then hold the straw . Then lower the smaller end of the necklace clasp from the straw. Then when the necklace is extended from the bottom of the straw. Please reconnect the ends of the necklace.
This method may work for a thinner necklace. And a necklace with no fixed pendant in the center of the necklace. Because the pendant cannot pass through the straw.
If the fixing pendant of your necklace does not move. Consider cutting the straw in half. Then pass a chain on the side of the sinker through the straw.

step 2: Hang up your necklace.

Instead of putting all the necklaces in the jewelry box. It is better to consider using a necklace tree. Or create your own necklace hanger. You can create a fun and unique jewellery frame with pins and bulletin boards.
Keep in mind that heavy necklaces may not hang very on pins.

step 3: Wrap your necklace when you travel.

Insert your necklace into a small snap-on sealed bag (the kind of button that comes with the new clothes). The sealed bag of the buckle is then left outside the bag. Fasten as many small suitcases as possible. Except for the area where the buckle is extended.
A small tote holds the necklace inside. It won’t mess up the chain.

The above is how to “how to untangle a necklace easy ?” After reading it, you may have other things you want to know. For example, “how to make a necklace pendant?