Indoor cat hammock – Coconut Cat Tree

HEALTHY SCRATCHING – This cat coconut scratcher tree uses scratching posts with a indoor cat hammock made of leaves and a big ball for kitties! The pole in this small tower is made with durable sisal rope, encouraging use by providing maximum comfort, a modern design, and a safe place to play!

HOURS OF PLAY- This cat scratcher features uniquely fun toys that sisal built balls that attract frisky felines for hours of entertainment. The kitty toy on this scratching post encourages cats to be active and alert. This scratcher engages small kittens and adult cats in multiple levels of play, making it both useful and amusing!

STURDY DESIGN – This quality scratching post is crafted with sturdy sisal rope materials for a safe and functional vertical design, providing a healthy way for kitties to scratch while helping guard your couch and other furniture!

PRODUCT DETAILS – 15.7” (L) 15.7” (W) 29.5” (H). Color: Natural Brown, Cream and Green. Scratching Material: Sisal. Fabric Covering: Flocked Cloth.

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What Are Cat Trees hammock ?

A great indoor cat tree hammock provides a healthy outlet for your cat’s natural instincts, minimizing destructive behaviors while maximizing your cat’s physical and psychological health. And helps your cat sleep or rest, along with a scratch post to keep him busy during the day.

The coconut condos are sturdy pieces of furniture that provide environmental enrichment for your cat. And complements your home decor scheme.

indoor cat tree hammock Specification:

  • Coconut Tree: 15.715.729.5 INCH ( LWH )
  • Coconut Tree Crown: 17.37.3 INCH ( LW )
  • Post Height: 27.6 INCH
  • Jute Claw Ball Diameter: 9.8 INCH
  • Jute Post Diameter: 3.5 INCH
  • Material: Dyed sisal rope, green flocking cloth, imitation linen, jute rope and etc.


Are you tired of your cats marking their territories all over your home? Now that they have their very own indoor cat hammock, they have their property where they can lounge in. That way, they can mark their territory there without making a mess in your home.

Helps With Your Cat’s Claws

Many cat trees come with scratching posts which help with your cat’s claw health. Not only will it assist in strengthening the claws, but it will contribute to weaken out the old nails and make it easier to trim and remove. Plus, it’s another way to keep your cat busy and away from your furniture!

Fun and Rest

Indoor cat tree hammock provide a lot of fun from climbing and playing with any hanging cat toys that come with the furniture. Not only that, but they have flat platforms and mini homes where they can rest in the right after their day of play. It’s both a home and playground, making it a space saver. You save on money purchasing cat toys and beds.