2020 Kids hammock bed with net – portable & camping

Material Nylon
Color Gray
Manufacturer’s Suggested Maximum Weight 440 Pounds
Item Weight 3 Pounds

✅【3 In 1 Multifunction Kids Hammock】①This kids hammock combined with a mosquito net which protect you and your children from mosquito bites and pesky bugs, offering a more safer and quality trip; ②A hood with a shading design at the end of the kids hammock, prevent the damage caused by sunlight to your eyes. You can fully open the zipper to untie the mosquito net, so that you can enjoy the scenery; ③It can also be used as an emergency replacement tent, but it must be used on dry ground

✅【Lightweight & Comfortable Design】This kids hammock is sufficiently spacious,the extend size is 55″ x 115″(140cm x 290cm),and can fully withstand the weight of 440LB, lightweight 2.5lbs in total. We use 70D nylon taffeta as the main material, its breathable, ultralight, and high-tensile, which can be used to make clothes. And it also with a portable stuff sack, which is convenient to carry, ideal for camping, hiking, traveling, backpacking and other outdoor activitie.

✅【Easy to Set up Kids Hammock with Net】The mosquito hammock comes with everything for a quick hanging — 2 x foldable metal poles to stand up the net, 2 x steel carabiners, 2 x 110 inches hammock straps with 10 loops for length adjusting, 1 attached potable stuff sack used for hammock storing. You’ll have everything you need for a quick and easy setup, boost your efficiency and save your money

✅【3 Functional Installation】Our kids hammock allows a quick and simple configuration: ① Set up the pop up mosquito net for the kids hammock to avoid any disturbance from mosquito, bugs, insect; ② Draw out the 2 pop up bars, rotate the kids hammock 180° to place the mosquito net under the bottom to use it as a normal tree hammock. ③After placing the kids hammock on the ground, insert both ends of the mountaineering buckle into a fixed ground nail, which can be used as a ground hammock.

✅【100% Satisfaction Promise】 There is a little black hook inside the mosquito net of the kids hammock for lamp hanging, light up for your outdoor camping night. Our kids Hammock with Mosquito Bug Net comes with 6-month quality promise; NOT happy with it? Let us know, 100% REFUND or REPLACE,All details of hammock accessories are based on the first picture. Please refer to the picture and description carefully.

Why Go For A ETROL Camping Hammock? Because It

✔works as a lying hammock or sleeping bed!

✔excellent 3 in 1 hammock, more convenient and comfortable!

✔ Is a true camping hammock, comfy and ultra-resilient!

✔ Has an excellent mosquito net to keep bugs and insects out!

✔With pop up insect net design,easy to set up !

✔ Is made of 70D/210T Parachute Nylon With Triple Interlocking Stitching

✔ Comes with all the installation tools (carabiners & straps) included!

Display Of Upgraded Accessories

Q: I saw that the aluminum rod accessories discussed in the view are very easy to damage, is it true?

A: The aluminum rod of the hammock is made of thickened 7071 aluminum alloy with a pipe diameter of 8mm, so both the hardness and flexibility are up to the standard, but you should pay attention to:

*Precautions for the use of aluminum poles accessories:

1) Precautions for installation when using mosquito nets: The aluminum poles are inserted into the docking holes fixed on both sides of the hammock. When the net is propped up, they will be bent appropriately according to the semicircular shape of the hammock. This is a normal phenomenon, please feel free to use it.

2) Precautions for installation without using mosquito nets: When you turn the hammock into a form without mosquito nets, please remove the aluminum pole, otherwise the aluminum pole accessories will be easily damaged.

*Benefits of the Mosquito Net

Friendly, breathable, and reusable, mosquito net is better than some irritant, because it does not have any irritation or impact on the human body, and can directly prevent us from mosquito bites.


The compact and lightweight design saves more space for your backpack travel. The built-in bag in the hammock can hold IPAD, phones, keys and other gadgets. We also reserve a place for hanging lights for you.


Includes two heavy-duty carabiners and two tree straps 9.5 Feet Long (19 Ft Total) x 1 Inch Wide (Tree Friendly), 10+1 Attachment Loops (22Total) that make setting this up both fast an extremely simple for even the most novice user, Each tree strip provides a maximum load of 500LBS to ensure your safety.


High-quality carabiner can be used with fast tree straps to quickly install your hammock, you can complete the installation in minutes.


The aluminum alloy ground nail is equipped with two elastic ropes, which can be used in conjunction with the installation of the hammock to make the hammock more stable.

In order to provide customers with better products, we have designed 3 functions in 1 hammock to allow you to change functions freely.
Product details:

1: Sun protection area: provides sun protection, so you can rest at ease

2:Aluminum alloy support rod: support mosquito nets and keep more space

3: High-density net: ventilate and prevent mosquitoes, protect children

4: Tear-resistant base fabric: high load-bearing, tear-resistant

5: Anti-rollover nails: fix the hammock to prevent rollover

6:It is not a real tent, but it can act as a tent for a short time in an emergency without tree support, but because the fabric is not waterproof, it must be used on dry ground

Note: The maximum supporting weight is 440lb, please use within the safe weight limit.

Leisure single hammock

Specially designed for outdoor camping and hiking breaks , the parachute fabric hammock is light and strong, not easy to roll over, giving you the most comfortable enjoyment if you are tired of traveling, forget the current fatigue, and enjoy the endless scenery of the journey

Comfortable jungle hammock

On a beautiful weekend, meet your good friends to feel the baptism of nature, deepen the friendship between each other, forget the busyness of workdays and school days, relax and breathe, shake the hammock to feel the joy of entertainment

Family happy hour

Three and one hammock is made of 70D Parachute Nylon. Its safe skin-friendly and tear-resistant features can bring you and your family the most secure protection. You can enjoy your family’s happy time with more peace of mind