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Parachute camping hammock – swing bed

  • Maximum load: 200 (kg)
  • Specifications (length * width): 290x140cm dark green/grass green, 290x140cm blue
  • Net Weight: 900 (g)
  • Bracket material: stainless steel

If you are buying a hammock, then a Parachute camping hammock may be a good choice. It is of good quality, easy to install and very comfortable. It should be one of the essential equipment for your camping. And you should bring it when you travel outdoors. It has everything needed to take the hammock experience to a whole new level.

What are the benefits of a hammock for you?

It will provide you with a wonderful sleeping or relaxing surface. And has a durable high-quality structure. The durable design means that you will still be using this hammock for years to come. So if you want the ideal hammock, go to the beach, hike or become the ideal camping companion. Then this one is for you. Please stay with me when I share with you the features and advantages and why every penny is worth it.

With this lightweight hammock. You don’t need to pack those heavy sleeping bags or complicated tents.

Comfort and convenience. Because of its wide range of uses, it not only makes it an ordinary hammock. It also has amazing comfort for such an affordable hammock.

Sturdy structure. It can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. As it says, this hammock is strong enough to withstand extreme conditions. Enable you to enjoy various types of adventures.

Its nylon belt is friendly to trees. Allows you to hang the hammock around any tree without causing any damage.

Using this hammock, you can save costs. Because it comes with all the accessories needed for hanging, including the hammock itself, rope straps and steel carabiner.

You can get the necessary accessories without more costs. ;This hammock securely encloses them all in the transaction.


Hammock material: 70D nylon spinning (parachute cloth)
Mesh material:Polyester net yarn
Weight: 900g
Bearing weight:200kg
Storage size: 35*30cm
Default carton packaging:36*30*6cm
Packing: 20 pcs/carton or 10 pcs/carton
This mosquito net hammock accessories include 2 3m tie ropes, two black electrophoretic steel buckles and a storage bag


First of all, quality is one of the top issues to consider when buying a hammock. Due to the sturdy structure, this makes it ideal for heavy-duty applications.
First of all, it is made of military-grade 210T nylon fabric. Not only is it strong, but it is also the best durability. Besides, it also has some unparalleled sturdy steel carabiner and nylon strap, sturdy and durable.

Very easy to set up

About the setting, you cannot afford a hammock that is difficult to set up. Otherwise, once you arrive at the camp, you will feel extremely frustrated. Thus, if you want a hammock that will not spoil the fun, this is an aspect that must be considered.

Fortunately, Legit has equipped the hammock with everything needed for easy setup. Whether you are an experienced outdoor person. This is the first time to use this hammock. This setup is very simple and only takes one to two minutes to complete.

And, because it comes with every accessory you need. Thus, there is no need to spend more money on more things. In short, all the functions and the ideal design can meet all your needs.

Double hammock

As far as hammocks are concerned, there is one thing that really matters, and that must be space. Relax in a hammock on the beach or spend the night at the beach during the camping weekend. Hammock is always fun. But, there is nothing better than enjoying a hammock with a partner.

Thus, if you want a hammock, you can go with your loved ones. Well, this hammock provides enough space for you two. And you will never sacrifice comfort.

Carry it with you

The fact that you need a double hammock does not mean that you should sacrifice your ability to be light and fast. Well, this hammock has two functions to keep it above normal when you are camping.

To get the ultimate carry-on experience. This hammock is equipped with a sack that can fit all the sack together. Give you a good reason to easily carry it. Besides, it is very compact after folding, and the lightweight design makes it easy for you to hammock.

Best performance

Hammocks usually have a similar style and purpose. But some of the options there do not achieve the best cutting performance, which usually comes down to the structure and the materials used in the structure.

Avoid the struggles and frustrations suffered by cheap hammocks. And get a valuable option like this hammock. Sturdy belts, safety buckles and 210T parachute nylon will undoubtedly provide you with the performance you need in a hammock. Since it can support up to 400 pounds of weight, this hammock will never go wrong.

It’s lighter than a tent:

Every ounce is important when packing travel essentials. The tent is much heavier on the back than a traditional camping double hammock. Even all the accessories (such as straps, LIDS, hangers, etc.) weigh less than a full tent.

The ground is not important:

When setting up a tent, you need to look at the surface first. Only then can the tent be actually placed. This usually wastes precious time for hikers. Because they need to find a suitable place to build a tent. Because they cannot place their tents on rocky, sloping plains or wet ground. So will have to find a suitable location. The installation of a hammock only requires two trees at appropriate intervals. As long as two trees are placed close to each other in a hammock, the things underneath become unimportant.

Sleep quality:

After all the hikes, a hiker yearns for a good night’s sleep. This will help him restore his mood and body. The ground under the tent is rough and dangerous insects and reptiles usually appear at night. And the mosquito problem can make you stiff, awake and uncomfortable all night.

Compare it to a comfortable hammock base, which can shape your body. And shake you gently to fall asleep within a few minutes. You don’t need to think twice to decide whether it’s worth it.

Outdoor enjoy :

Camping is to enjoy and communicate with nature. After entering the tent, you often lose this pure connection. Because the top of the tent was rebuilt. Many campers or climbers will eventually feel restrained and refined in the tent. Camping hammocks enable them to truly fall asleep under the open sky, with stars staring at you. You will get the perfect sight of the camping night.

When comparing a camping hammock with a camping tent. Camping hammock is definitely a more effective and practical tool. Modern traps such as mosquito nets or insect traps can be used. It can also protect you from wind, rain and other factors when you camp in a hammock.