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Lightweight camping hammock for sale – best & high quality

  • Surface material: 210T nylon spinning (also called parachute cloth)
  • Maximum load: 200 (kg)
  • Net weight: 500 (g)

The lightweight camping hammock is made of nylon spun fabric that is different from the traditional one. The nylon fabric is also called parachute cloth. The fabric is light but very strong and tear resistant. The hammock is very light, about half the weight of a canvas hammock. It is a very popular sleep rest equipment in outdoor sports. Recently, it has been well received by European and American outdoor consumers and exported in large quantities.


Size:260*140CM/275*140/300*200 customizable
Packing size:26*14CM
Weight:500 g
Fabric:100% nylon /210T wrinkle and flash nylon
Fabric features: soft and breathable, super light and thin, high load bearing, good color fastness
Fabric color:red, black, green, red black, gray red and so on can be customized
Production process:Triple chain automatic suture process
Colour scheme: 2 colours/monochrome
Packing details:Conventional packing (into PP bag and outer box)
Accessories:1 hammock, two hooks on both sides, 2 black ropes

Product acessories

Product color preview

01 Our buckle
Special black electrophoresis
Guanggu does not rust
The Angle of the buckle is smooth

02 other
Easy to rust over time
Buckle sharp corner
Easy to damage product bed knot

03 Our rope
Upgrade 2.5CM flat belt
High-strength polyester material
Good bearing capacity
High safety performance
Long-term use is not easy to break

04 Other
Ordinary PP round rope
Poor bearing capacity and easy to break
It becomes thinner and longer immediately after use