How to make a hemp necklace (with pendant)

How to make a hemp necklace? To make marijuana jewelry. You first need to choose some twine. Although there are now many colors of marijuana. But the iconic is the “natural tan” color. Most marijuana jewellery is made from 1 mm or “20 lb” twine. But, thicker twine can be used to achieve good results. Especially for men’s necklaces. Make sure your twine is even (not too many blocks) and smooth (unless you like rough textures).

Materials for making hemp necklace:

1. Choose your hemp.

Cannabis is usually made in natural tan, but there are many other colors to choose from. The twine is usually 1 mm, although you can find thicker lines. When selecting a power cord, make sure it is flat and smooth, unless you prefer thick lines.
You can order marijuana online or find it in a handicraft or hobby store.

2. Determine which necklace you want?

This method shows how to put beads and pendants into the necklace. You can choose to add more beads. It is also possible to decide to use only the twine for making a necklace. If you decide to use only twine. Please continue to tie the knot as usual. Don’t worry about beading.

3. Cut the hemp.

Cut a 5 yard (4.5 m) long marijuana with scissors. Then, cut it again. It is twice as much as jewelry. Plus a few inches. This necklace is about 1.5 feet (~0.5 meters) long. Thus, a single code (almost one meter) is suitable.
If you want a shorter or longer necklace. You can measure the twine on your neck. Add a few feet to the amount to be measured. To leave room for knotting.

4. Wax the cut hemp.

Before starting, wipe the twine with beeswax. It helps keep the nodules firm. It also helps to prevent debris from getting dirty. Usually, you can find beeswax sticks in hobby shops.

Make a hemp necklace with beads:

1. Fold the twine in half.

These lengths are folded in half. And keep the inside short. 5 yards outside (4.5 m). Longer 5 yards (4.5 m) line. And will constitute a “knotter” rope. Used for knotting. A shorter rope will be used as a tie for the fixed knot. Make sure the ends of each string are aligned.

2. Knotted.

Knot the knot at the top of the loop. This will prevent the loop from disappearing

3. Arrange your twine.

Place the shorter harness inside. Longer harnesses need to be on the outside. If you can’t align the ropes . You may need to untie the knot. Then align the ends. Re-knotted.

4. Make a half knot.

First grab the rightmost twine. Draw it below the first two twine on the left. And above the last line. Use the rightmost twine to circle. Place the twine under the first two twine. And put it on the last twine.
Place the twine above the two leftmost twine lines and through the loop.

5. Draw a knot.

Keep the two centerlines taut and tighten parallel to the work surface. When the node extends along the centerline. Pull the two outer wires up at a vertical angle. Tighten when the knot reaches the top.

6. Continue to tie the knot.

To make marijuana look flat. Please use the starting side. For this design, please continue to knot. Until the length reaches 2.5 cm (1 inch) or about 17 knots

7. String the beads on two centerlines.

Fix the nearest knot. Then, tie the two outer ropes to the square knot below the beads. If you don’t want to add beads to the necklace. Can continue to knot

8. Restore the knot.

Continue to knot according to the square knot outlined above. Do this until knotted 6 inches (15.2 cm).

9. Attach the pendant.

When reaching the center of the necklace (6 or 7 inches, or 15 or 17 cm). Please attach a pendant. You can add a pendant by hanging the pendant on the bottom rope. After the pendant is opened, continue to knot as usual.

10. Add another bead.

Continue to knot from the pendant. When you reach the length match between the first bead and the pendant. Wrap the second bead around the two centerlines. And tie the two outside lines below

11. Finish the knotting.

For this design. Please be another inch (2.5 cm) from the last bead. Or, knot when you reach the length of the necklace you want. At this point, your necklace is almost complete.

Finish your necklace

1. Tie off the necklace.

There are several ways to complete a necklace. You can use a buckle. You can also tie it up in the easiest way. If you don’t want to use the buckle. Please make an over-the-knot knot below the last half of the square knot. When tying, the glue can be applied to the knot. Extra fixed

2. Complete with a metal clasp.

Use a metal buckle. You need to use the tip of the metal and wire to end the end of the necklace. You can fix the tip with plain glue. Then, depending on the type of buckle. You can bend the metal buckle to the wire. Or, if your buckle uses a coil. The buckle can be pressed around the wire. This is done by adding a jump on the clasp.

3. Trim the extra lines.

You can use any type of scissors to cut off excess twine. Cut about 5 inches (12.7 cm) from the excess knot. So that you have enough length to adjust and tie the necklace. If you think you don’t need an adjustment. , you can cut off the 2 or 3 inch line.


To sum up:

  • If you want a smoother look. You need to wax marijuana or buy waxed marijuana. Wax helps prevent hemp fiber wear. And provide a more uniform appearance for the finished product.
  • No other supplies are required to make a hemp necklace. But, you may need to add some beads or charms to make things come alive. A metal clasp is added to make it easier to put on and take off.
  • When choosing beads, make sure they have large holes. So that your twine can pass through them. Crow beads are a good choice.
  • The easiest way to attach a button is to use a wire end. They crossed the rope, leather thong or in this case the end of marijuana. There are several types. The two most popular types are those with a metal cover that is bent over the wire. And a coil with a coil. You can roll the curve at the bottom of the coil.
  • When you make marijuana jewelry. There is indeed a way to hold it in place. One option is to secure it to jeans or other fixed surfaces. Some people use some type of clip and a book or a piece of wood. Or use a designed lace jewelry tool.

Finally, attach a video on how to make a marijuana necklace:

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