How to make a leather necklace(with pendant)?

How to make a leather necklace? Making your own leather jewelry is actually very easy. Making a simple leather necklace with a pendant is very like making an adjustable knot. So if you are completely familiar with the process. Well, making a leather necklace is relatively simple for you!

Youtube how to make a leather necklace?

In this video, I walk you through the steps of making a leather necklace. How to crimp the ends to attach the buckle to a flat leather rope. But this method is also very suitable for making necklaces with ribbons, ropes or rubber. If you want to use different materials in jewelry making. Then this tutorial will definitely be useful to you!


  • Pendants: Bail devices can be hung on the top, such as jumpers or side holes. And it should be fixed on the rope. Or, you can use donut beads or other pendants with larger openings.
  • Cord: At least 34 inches and approximately 86.3 cm long.
  • Leather: Waxed cotton and nylon, best for making knotted rope. Or if you are using a lightweight pendant. You may need to use thinner ropes. A natural leather thread with a width of 2mm is recommended here.

How much does it cost to make a leather necklace?

1. Wear the necklace on your head. So you need at least 24 inches, 61 cm of rope
(Length can be adjusted between 12 inches-24 inches (30.5 cm-61 cm)).

2. If you wish to increase the length of the finished necklace. You need to add the appropriate number of inches.
3. Add 8 inches (20.3 cm) as the number of ropes needed to slide the knots (each knot needs 4 inches. so 8 inches will cover two knots).
4. If you want to attach a lark knot pendant to the rope. Please add 2 inches (5 cm) of rope.
So your length will be:
24 inches + 8 inches + 2 inches = 34 inches (86.3 cm)
What if you want a longer necklace? You can add extra length measurements to the above formula.

How to make a leather cord necklace with pendant?

Step 1:

First cut a 4-foot-long leather rope. Then slide one end through the gemstone pendant at the top.

Step 2:

Place the gem pendant in the middle of the leather string. Make the ends of the leather rope the same length.

Step 3:

Pick up the correct leather rope. Keep both packages / coils away from the pendant. And go around another leather rope.

Step 4:

Slide the leather end over two turns.

Step 5:

Pull the end of the leather, then tighten the coil.

Step 6:

Tighten the knot gently.

Step 7:

Pull two leather ropes apart. And make the leather knot close. But not too close to the pendant.


Make sure that the end of the leather thread is cut flush. Then cross the ends of the leather. So that each leather end forms a sliding knot.

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