How to make a mala necklace?

How to make a mala necklace? If you are looking for a guide on how to make your own mala Necklace or Bracelet. You may wish to read this tutorial. It provides detailed steps and tutorials on how to make a mala necklace.

Material for making mala necklace:

How to make a mala necklace with tassel?

1. First, place all 108 beads on the board in the order they are to be stringed.

This allows you to visually see the appearance of all the beads after the necklace is finished. The center of the necklace will tie together. Hang the pendant. So when you start to start the string from the center of the necklace.

2. Pick up the bead cord and measure the 2 inch long part from the beginning without needle.

Make a big knot at this 2 inch mark. Leave extra rope at the end. This will be your starting point for spicy. And you will need an extra 2 inch rope to tie the ancient beads and tassels.
Note: You will put the ancient beads under this knot. Start here. Make sure you organize the beads in the right order.

3. Add a knot

Extend the index finger and middle finger (please use a non-dominant hand for this step). Wrap the power cord twice with two fingers. You can use your thumb to secure the power cord in place. Hold the needle end of the power cord and slide it into the ring. Then slide behind your fingers/hands. Grab the tweezers/pliers with your usual hand.
Next, tighten the rope. Until the knot begins at the top of the bead. Try to make the knot as close as possible to the top. Then use the tweezers/pliers to slide the knot down. Keep it close to the beads.

4. You need to tie the ends of the rope together.

After knotting all 108 beads. Play a few very tight knots near the two beads. Then cut off the lanyard. Instead of cutting off the rope we used to start the necklace. Then we left a few inches before we made the first knot. After that, tie it with super glue. Let it dry.

5. String the large beads 

String the large beads and the larger holes of the Guru beads onto the two strings at the bottom of the mala. Attach another simple knot. Fix the ancient beads.

6. Pass one end of a rope through the ring at the top of the tassel.

Pass the other end through the top ring. Connect and fix the tassels in the opposite direction. Bundle and fix it many times.
Tip: Cover these knots with clear nail polish or glue. Keep it strong.

Of course, if you want to know more about how to make a mala necklace. You are also welcome to watch the video tutorial below.

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