How to make a paracord necklace ?

How to make a braided paracord necklace? We have all heard of paracord necklaces. So why not make a paracord necklace? Prepare more ropes in an emergency. This article will detail how to make a simple 550 paracord necklace with a woven buckle. The design will use four braided wires.

How to make a paracord necklace youtube?

Different designs of homemade 550 paracord necklaces will be available in this video. You can wear it while fishing, hiking and at the office. 550 paracord survival necklaces. Rely on your own personality to create your own 550 paracord survival necklace.

Making Paracord necklace materials:

  • The required material is two six foot long umbrella knots.
  • A plastic buckle or S-clip, scissors and a lighter.
  • To determine the length of the paracord of the desired circumference. Multiply the desired final length (in feet) by 3.14 times.

If you want to make a Paracord necklace for children. Well, for security reasons. You may want to consider using a quick release buckle.

How to make a braided paracord necklace?

This is a necklace made of 550 paracord. I have seen some big paracord necklaces. But they are all very sewed or not practical. What I want is something like Phiten. So I searched the internet for weaving. And made a 4-round circular weave. Its production is not difficult. Even very interesting. It is also a good choice to work with your family. I made a piece for my family. Although it looks good. But it can also be taken apart and used in a living environment. I hope you like it. Also hope to receive some feedback! Marginal picture quality. My camera is not very good. please forgive!

Step 1: Material

Step 2: Measure the neck

To measure your neck. Please take a st string around your neck. Figure out how you want the necklace to fit and adjust the rope . I went to buy more styles of necklaces. But it depends on you. Mark the length and measure the power cord. Now, use this formula 1in to find out the number of umbrellas to use. Number of necklaces = 41/2 inches of each Paracord color. For example, I want to make 15 inches. Then I need 67.5 colors of each color to make a necklace. I also recommend adding 1/2 foot to 1 foot per measurement. So that you have some room for swinging. Cut and fuse the rope.

Step 3: Start weaving

Fold the two ropes in the middle. And put together with each other. First, both ends of the rope 1 (red rope) are passed through the rope 2 (tan). And tighten (this is the key to weaving). Always maintain tension! Now, pass the rope 2 through the rope 1. I held the rope with the non-woven rope below. After the part of the necklace is finished. Stop weaving and pull the top of the rope 1 and form a loop. The coil diameter should be approximately 3/4 of an inch.

Step 4: Continue knitting until the desired length is reached.

Step 5: Finishing the necklace

Pick up the rope 2 and tie it to a hand knot. Tightening! Now, the rope 2 is cut to fix. Now, when I melt the rope. Its end is already hot enough. So it is a liquid. But there is no rogue or fire. Then, pick up the side of the scissors. Flatten the end of the rope. When you do this. Please complete the operation as soon as possible. Now you should have the end of the rope 1. Now grab the end of the rope 2. And use two ropes to tie an over-the-knot knot. Now cut and fuse the end of the rope.

Finished product

It can also be used as a fashion necklace or a survival necklace. If you like this how to make a paracord necklace guide. I hope your feedback is negative or positive. And any problems I need to solve! You can wish to comment below.

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