Nature baby hammock – baby cradle

Ultimate coziness always turns out to be an incredible cradle for creative ideas and healthier grow-up. Our nature baby hammock is a fun and cozy nook for kids to read, listen to music, or daydream, offering relaxation and stimulating imagination. It’s also perfect for a child with autism or sensory issues because it makes them feel safe and warm inside.

Package List:

1 x Cotton Swing; 1 x Cushion; 2 x Carabiners

Care & Notes

For ages 3 and up.
Professional installation is highly recommended. Hanging hardware NOT included.
Use proper mounting accessories that fit the material of your wall/ceiling and can withstand a minimum of 175 pounds, or else the swing might fall down and lead to personal injury!


Product dimensions: 29.5” x 21.7” x 59.1”
Product weight: 2.4 lbs
Weight capacity: 170 lbs / 80 kg
Material: Cotton canvas & PVC air cushion
Color: Blue (with purple edges)

LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE – The durable and soft cotton canvas along with the strength carabiner and extra-wide sling ensures a rated weight capacity 170 lb., providing enough space and weight capacity for your kids to play with favorite toys on the nature baby hammock.

USER-FRIENDLY WITH CUSHION & HEADREST – The PVC cushion is ultra soft, flexible and durable, and the fully removable cushion makes it a joy to clean and reassemble; the headrest seems simple but provide essential support for ultimate comfort.

EASILY HANGS ANYWHERE – Weighing only 2.4 lb. it’s super easy to relocate, can be mounted in child’s room, in the backyard, and or even carried along for family trips.

THE FAVORITE SPOT – Our pod swing provides a fun and cozy spot for kids to read, play, daydream, and relax with their friends and toys.

KIDS’ BEST GIFT – A harmonious and perfect nature baby hammock for kids to explore their curiosity outdoors or indoors