Neck hammock bundle – soothe sore

  • 1 x Neck hammock bundle
  • 1 x Posture Corrector
  • 1 x Carry bag

ALLEVIATES NECK PAIN: Not only is this neck hammock bundle great for improving your neck posture, it also helps you heal from injuries such as whiplash, spinal cord misalignment, strains, sprains, etc. Additionally, this device elevates your jawbone which aids in supporting your neck and improving posture. You can’t get more versatile neck relief than that!

REGAIN YOUR CONFIDENCE: Our back posture corrector works by training your spine alignment and muscles memory to improve posture, straighten back and stop slouching. Also our back brace for posture will help you to look straighter and taller in a short time. By our posture brace, you will become confident.

AMAZING RESULTS: This Posture Corrector Brace could improve posture, prevent slouching and help your spinal column achieve the appropriate alignment! The Back Posture Corrector Brace for women & men promotes long term muscle memory, so even after you remove Primate Posture Brace – you’ll still be standing straight up.

FAST PAIN RELIEF: Use both products at once to get an effective and comfortable stretch. Use 2-3 time daily for 10-20 days to get lasting relief from neck and shoulder pains, tensions, stress, pressure, muscles spasms, head & cervical vertebral area, and numbness. Feel the results in minutes.

QUALITY GUARANTEED: 90-day No-Questions Asked Warranty! Buy with confidience!

Safe and easy to use. This kit provides steady and pain free neck, shoulder, and back traction. Get rid of your forward head tilt, anterior pelvic tilt, stiff neck, or hunchback with consistent use.

Chiropractor Recommended

The back posture corrector is made with hypoallergenic latex-free ultra soft neoprene that is non-irritating, breathable and comfortable. It’s one size fits all design is fully adjustable from 25″ to 53″ in. chest circumferences. The heavy duty straps provide great upper back support and help create long term muscle memory for correct posture. This slim yet durable posture brace fits underneath your clothes, giving you stealth posture correction that can be used anytime and anywhere.Neck

The Neck hammock bundle is a unique one size fits all design that provides 360° neck traction. Use anywhere, while sitting at your desk and watching TV on the couch. 15 minutes a day provides effective neck traction that may help in relieving neck and shoulder pain, reduce headaches, and improve blood circulation to the head. This Neck hammock bundle can also aide in restoring natural neck curve while providing back and neck spinal decompression to alleviate herniated and bulged discs.