Pawleys island hammock chair for sale – 30% discout

Pawleys Island Craftmanship: We’ve been crafting by hand since that fateful steamy summer day back in 1889, when South Carolina riverboat captain Joshua John Ward finally hit on his winning formula for a quality pawleys island hammock chair.

Rope: Solution-dyed synthetic blend rope that balances the softness of cotton with the durability of polyester. This combination makes the rope All-Weather proof and resistant to rot, mold, and mildew.

Oak Spreader Bar: Oak is naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation. The spreader bars are repeatedly hand-dipped in honey-gold marine-grade varnish for exceptional look and longer outdoor life. One-of-a-kind grommet, when compared to telescoping grommets used by most of our competitors, that creates a more secure bond between fabric and ring knot.

Zinc Plated Hardware: We plate all hanging hardware, with zinc to protect against rust and ensure an overall longer outdoor life.

Handcrafted in the Carolinas: Manufactured and assembled using the finest parts and industry leading techniques. This hammock is 13 feet long, 55 inches wide and offers a 400 pound weight capacity. Note: Hammock stand and pillow are sold separately.


Durable Fabrics

Not only is the craftsmanship of our pawleys island hammocks the highest level of quality, but we also choose the highest quality outdoor fabrics as well.
We fabric is the foremost fabric in the outdoor industry made from 100% solution dyed acrylic. Solution-dyed acrylic, which means the fibers of the fabric are dyed in color before they are woven into the fabric. Fabric is not printed or dyed after the fabric is made. Fabric is water resistant and will not fade. You can even soak it in bleach and the color will remain the same. Which is why to use we fabric on the tops of our pawleys island hammocks.

Oak Spreader Bar

A wood that is naturally resistant to both rot and insect infestation, and has oils that repel water, Oak blends both exceptional strength and a handsome appearance. Our Oak spreader bars are repeatedly hand-dipped in honey-gold marine-grade varnish allowing a longer outdoor life and exceptional good looks. Our Oak spreader bars are a full 1 inch thick, compared to most other competitor’s spreader bars that measure at ⅞ inch. A thicker spreader bar allows more holes for rope, allowing the pawleys island hammock bed to sit firmly on the hammock. Our spreader bars also feature countersink drilled holes. Countersink drilling is a technique that uses a trumpet drill bit that produces a hole with no hard angles, allowing the rope to pass through without any sharp edges to wear the


We plate all our hanging hardware with Zinc Plated Coating, including both tree hooks that come standard with our pawleys island hammocks. The zinc plated coating prevents the accumulation of rust and ensures a longer outdoor life. Our very own One-piece ring-knot and chain, a product of years of development, permanently attaches the chain to the O-ring. This produces a pawleys island hammock that is more durable and most importantly makes it impossible to lose the chain.