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Portable camping hammock – lightweight nylon

  • Maximum load: 250 (kg)
  • Is there a bracket: No
  • Net Weight: 0.67 (kg)
  • Hammock surface material: nylon rope
  • Product volume: 24.0 cm * 14.0 cm * 9.0 cm

Whether you are going to campsites, parks, mountains or beaches. The hammocks can make your day relax a lot. We spent 60 hours testing and researching portable camping hammocks. And shake from the afternoon nap to the morning with coffee in hand. A hammock is the best camping equipment for most people. It is extremely comfortable, easy to use, durable, lightweight and stylish.

Our hammock weighs only 0.67 kg. And can be folded into a reassuring cocoon, light weight. Can be used for hiking or camping in remote areas. But you can also use it in your daily backyard if you need it. The hammock is made of elastic nylon material and reinforced with triple stitches at the seams.

Has a stable and silky feel. Determined by our testers as the most comfortable choice in our product range. It comes with a compression bag that can be used to store the hammock and shrink the hammock to the size of a softball when closed. Acts as a phone or book pouch when opening the hammock. It is also equipped with a sturdy wire door safety buckle and a rope that can hang the hammock. It can safely and reliably support a weight of up to 250kg.

Hammock setup tips

A good hammock should be easy to install and disassemble. After one or two trial runs, you should be able to transfer from a hammock and belt full of luggage to a reclining chair ready in less than two minutes. The most difficult part of the setup process is finding two trees or fixtures. They are at a proper distance from each other and can support your weight on the hammock.
First, find two suspension points 10 to 20 feet apart. They are thick enough to support your weight on the hammock. Make sure to use a tree protection tape that is wide enough to avoid getting into the bark. Cause damage to trees. After using the hammock for a while, you will begin to feel the best distance to hang the hammock. But when you start to use it, you can also check out this great hammock calculator. Simply insert your weight and the distance between the connection points, and the guide will calculate the height of the suspension point.

Care and maintenance

Inevitably, your hammock will be exposed to these elements during use. Whether someone accidentally drags muddy shoes onto your hammock. Still pour his morning coffee on the hammock. You may have to wash the hammock from time to time to keep it look and feel fresh. To clean the hammock, just remove the carabiner or fixing hook. And add a small amount of detergent to the washing machine, and then use cold water to clean the hammock during the cool washing cycle. To keep the hammock clean and odor-free, you need to make sure it is dry first. Then store it in a grocery bag.


Name: Protable camping hammock
Material: 210T nylon spinning
Specification: 260cm*140cm (customizable)
Weight: about 0.67kg
Accessories:8cm carabiner*2, two-meter high-strength nylon rope*2, 3.6m mosquito net drawstring*2, storage bag*1
Suitable venues:parks, balconies, seaside, dormitories, forests, etc. 
Product features:soft and comfortable, easy to store and clean, etc.

Color display diagram:

Accessories display

8cm carabiner*2

2 m high strength nylon rope *2

3.6m mosquito net pull rope*2

Storage bag1


01 Mosquito nets are designed to protect against mosquitoes
The use of tunnel – type bed net design, effective barrier small insects outside

02 High quality metal zipper
Easy to use, open and close smoothly

03 High load bearing flat belt
Safe to use, firm and visible

04 Intimate cell phone bag design
Take a rest outside. Keep your valuables with you

05 Fine lining inside
Reinforce the knot to prevent loose thread, firm and precise