What is the strongest necklace?

Throughout history, pendants have stated who they are decorating. The emperor of the east wore a delicate pendant with a ruby ​​hanging on it. To show their royal status, while the nuns displayed the cross to show their devotion to their religion. The common denominator from a nun to an emperor is that a sturdy chain holds the selected pendant.

What is the strongest necklace

Metal Options

Choosing the right chain requires not only the weight of the pendant, but also the thickness of the chain. As well as length and flexibility. Because the chain style is suitable for all metals. So you also need to choose the style of pendant. Titanium is the lightest but strongest. Platinum is the heaviest and most expensive. Stainless steel has the lowest gloss but is the cheapest.

Strong and Sturdy

Wheat chains, box chains and rope chains are thin and durable in all lengths and thicknesses. It is the first wheat to be worn with a pendant. The wheat chain consists of four interlaced twisted and untwisted oval links. Formed a complex texture design. Box chains are sturdy, interconnected square links. Form an open cube. They reflect light well to stress colored pendants. The rope chain is the heaviest of the durable chains and is perfect for heavy pendants. As the name suggests, a rope chain is made by weaving many rows of metal chains into strands of a spiral chain.

How to make a Zulu Bead Necklace?

The Zulu are a large ethnic group in South Africa. Has a rich history and a long tradition. Zulu culture has absorbed many important values ​​and applied them to beautiful beaded jewelry.

Zulu beadwork is full of hidden meaning and tradition. And occasional admirers often don’t understand. Wearing a Zulu necklace conveys information about the wearer. For example, if the wearer is looking for a spouse. The Zulu necklace can communicate with the family the wearer owns. And where the wearer comes from. Each Zulu necklace comes with a certain degree of romanticism.

So, it is considered inappropriate to accept a necklace from a close relative’s home. The complexity of jewelry is also very different. Some necklaces are ordinary and some are complex. A simple Zulu bead necklace is easy to make. It is an exquisite jewelry in the jewelry collection.

Making Zulu Bead Necklace

1.Cut into approximately 20-inch-long beaded lines. String a crimp bead on the wire and position it almost at one end of the wire. Put a jumper on the same end of the wire. Now there will be a crimp bead and a jump ring at the end of the crimped wire. About 1 inch of extra wire extends beyond these two items.

2.Using needle-nose pliers, tighten the short end of the wire and pass it through the crimp bead. This secures the jumper to the wire. The crimp bead now has two wires passing through it. To do this, use crimping pliers to press the crimp bead around the two wires that pass through it. This makes the necklace strong.

3.Arrange the beads in a pleasant order. Continue threading until the necklace reaches the desired length. Allow at least 2 inches of beading to organize the necklace.

Now ready to finish the necklace.

1.String the remaining crimp beads on the necklace. Next, string the remaining jumping beads on the necklace. Complete this end of the necklace in the same way as you did the first end.

2.Use needle-nose pliers to separate one of the jump rings. When the jumper is open enough, slide half of the closed buckle onto the jumper. And then close the jumper again with pliers.

3.Repeat the same process for the other half of the closed clasp. And the remaining hops on the other side of the necklace.

4.Check all parts of the necklace to make sure everything is secure.

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How to determine the thickness of a necklace chain?

When the rope chain is worn like a bling necklace. Whether it’s silver, gold, platinum or stainless steel. You may wonder the thickness of the chain. Measuring the thickness of a rope chain uses the same procedure as measuring the diameter (thickness) of a rope. Just use millimeters instead of inches on smaller scales. The caliper can read the thickness of the chain instantly and accurately.

1. Open the jaws of the caliper so that the chain can be caught between them.

2. Rotate the chain so that the outermost point of the wire. that forms the rope chain is between the jaws of the caliper and touches the jaws.

3. Close the jaws and read the thickness of the chain on the caliper reading.

Pros and cons of stainless steel necklaces?

Stainless steel is a well-known material. Can be used to make everything from cookware to car parts. This alloy mixes elements such as chromium, titanium and nickel. Its silver surface also makes it a popular item in jewelry design. Stainless steel not only mimics the appearance of fine precious metals. And gadgets made from this material are more affordable. When it comes to rings, rings made of stainless steel are durable. Is a smart choice for everyday wear. But before putting a new ring on your finger, consider the pros and cons.


Stainless steel is a durable metal. Can withstand the wear and tear of daily activities, otherwise it will damage the ring. The invisible chromium layer prevents oxidation. Thus, hard metals are resistant to scratches and corrosion. Since it is not a precious metal like gold, silver or bronze. So the price is reasonable and the stainless steel parts are very cheap.


Despite its durability, the stainless steel rings still sag. Compared to precious metals, only silver has more dents than stainless steel. Sizing stainless steel rings can be difficult. Because metal is hard, rigid and hard. This rigidity also makes it difficult for jewelers to place gems. Too, stainless steel usually contains nickel. Problems can occur if you are allergic to nickel.

Top ten necklace chain types

Want to buy a necklace chain, but not sure which one is right? You can narrow your chain of choices by focusing on your own goals and preferences. Some chains are pendant chains, while others stand on their own. Some look great on women, while others are more suitable for men. To help you make your choice, we have listed the most common types of necklace chains you need to know.

Solid flat mariner chain

Puffed mariner chain

This is a unique chain inspired by the nautical world. It is called a mariner chain because it is like a chain attached to an anchor. This is a good choice for those who like the sea.

The mariner chain consists of interlocking ovals. The center of each oval has a bar that makes it look unique and interesting. You can find mariner chain of various widths. Thicker mariner chainare more popular among men. And smaller, more delicate chains are usually chosen by women.

Mariner chain are flat, but the new trend is puffed sailor bracelets. The sailor bracelet can be worn as a separate accessory. The smaller width can be matched with the pendant to attract eyeballs.

Ball / Bead Chain

The ball / bead chain consists of a series of fine beads. The beads are linked together to form a chain. The balls can be connected very tightly. It is also possible to leave a small space between them to allow some movement.

Ball chains are usually worn with dog tags. And has a cool street style look. Spherical chains do not work well as stand-alone accessories. They are best used with pendants. The other side of this beautiful chain is that they are often not as strong as other chains mentioned here. And relatively easy to break.

Box chain

The box chain is connected by square links instead of oval. And round links to form a continuous smooth chain. Box chain is a very popular form of necklace chain, which is worn by both men and women. They come in various widths, with wider widths being popular among men.

Box-shaped links are firm and not easy to break. If the link does break, you can replace it. The chain can also be reconnected without replacing damaged links. Without affecting the design. You can choose the length of the long chain. According to your preferences and choose the clothes that suit you.

Cable chain

The cable chain is one of the most basic chains. It looks very like a normal iron chain. They have been used for many functions for centuries. From anchoring boats to crafting exquisite jewellery.

Cable chains are probably the most common form of necklace chain used in jewelry. It consists of a series of identical oval links that interconnect to form a beautiful chain. You can find cable chains that have been textured or flattened. Instead of winding it round to form a flat cable.

The delicate cable chain itself is unobtrusive. But when paired with a beautiful pendant, it is the perfect choice. The cable chain is strong and durable. And because it is not complicated, it is easy to repair broken or deformed links. But, if the cable chain is not made correctly, it sometimes separates at the connection.

Figaro chain

This very popular type of necklace chain is quite simple. But more refined than a cable chain. The Figaro chain originated in Italy and consists of alternating flat links of different sizes. Usually, the pattern is a long link, followed by two or three short links.

Figaro chains are worn by both men and women, making them an ideal neutral chain. This is a very strong chain. Because Figaro is usually made of thick wire, and it is easy to repair broken links. Yet, due to the pattern of the chain, broken links cannot be deleted without replacing it. Because it messes up the pattern.

Singapore chain

Singapore chain is a durable and strong chain consisting of a series of interconnected segments. When stretched, it is a beautiful and twisted open-loop chain. Moves almost like liquid.

People usually choose Singapore chains to hang pendants. Because they are very strong regardless of their width. This is a classic, stylish chain. Works well with beautiful pendants. And can be worn every day.

Snake chain

It’s easy to see where the snake chain got its name; it looks like a snake’s body and moves with similar flexibility. The serpentine chain consists of a series of small rings. whether plate-shaped or ribbon-shaped. Are tightly connected. A smooth chain was formed. You cannot see the loops of the snake chain because they are woven together. Compared to some of the other chain types listed here, the structure of the snake chain is not very good.

The snake chains are a bit delicate, but they look amazing when paired with a pendant. Because they have a semi-rigid structure. So they are not tangled easily, nor do they catch hair or other objects. The snake chain is also easy to maintain and clean. Making it an ideal choice for everyday accessories.

Curb Chain

This chain is a basic, timeless design. Consists of a series of interconnected, unified links. These links are designed to lay flat even when interlocked.

Curb Chain has always been the first choice for necklaces. Heavy, chunky chains have masculinity and are especially popular among men. Smaller, thinner curb chains are feminine and delicate. Works well with pendants.

Curb Chain is very sturdy and easy to maintain and maintain.

Wheat chain

Wheat chains usually consist of twisted oval links. These links are woven together in one direction to form a delicate and symmetrical chain. Wheat chains look like a series of metal fibers running through each other at their points. Creates a beautiful textured look. The chain looks like the tip of a straw, hence the name wheat.

The semi-rigid chain is very strong and can be used with or without pendants. The sturdy chain has a classic and timeless look.

What are the different types of earrings?

Earrings are not only a piece of jewelry, but a statement of fashion. They paint information about who you are and what you like. He didn’t even say a word. The back of the earrings must also be stated: according to the type of the front. They say “I’m safe” or “Be careful when putting on me.”

Push Backs

Push back, also known as friction back, is the most common type of earring back. Slide the earring post back. Until the earrings are secured in place, you can secure the earrings by pushing back. Pushbacks are most used for stud earrings or lightweight pendants or drop earrings. They are not very safe. So be careful when changing or combing your hair while wearing push-in earrings.

Screw On

If you want more security, choose a screw. The screw back is like a push-in back, but the screw back ear earrings are not smooth posts. It’s a grooved post, and you need to screw the earrings back into place. Screw backs are often used on expensive varieties. Such as diamond studs or platinum earrings, or for children’s earrings. Because they are less likely to fall.

Lever Back

The back cover of the handle consists of a curved metal sheet that passes through the ear and a metal latch that passes through the curved element. To secure the earrings in place. The lever earrings fit to your ears for most comfort. This backing is most used for pendants or dangle earrings.


Latch backs are usually used only for hoop earrings. Some kickback earrings include a hinged rod that passes through the ear. Then click into the notch on the other side of the earring to secure it in place. The earrings of other back earrings are fixed. The post goes straight through the ear and slides right into the hole on the other side of the earring. To form a continuous loop.

French Line

Normals are used only with drop earrings. Because they rely on the weight of the earrings to hold them in place. French threads are curved wire connecting earrings to the hooks-that can be slid into the ears and hung there. French wire earrings are also called fish hooks. For added security, you can add a plastic earring to the end of the French line earrings. These are simple plastic pieces. They can slide up the post and secure the earrings in place.

Clip earrings

Clip-on earrings are suitable for people without pierced ears. Clip-on earrings have a clip on the hinge. The clip snaps onto the earlobe to hold the earrings in place. Rather than through ear holes. You can also choose clip earrings for heavier clothing jewelry. These earrings can stretch or damage your pierced ears due to excessive weight.

How to repair a beaded necklace?

Beaded necklace can break or break when worn regularly or during vigorous exercise. This is especially true of cheap jewelry. If you haven’t invested in a piece of jewelry. It may not be worth the money to spend professional repairs. But, before throwing a broken necklace into the trash. Please collect the pieces and try some tips and tricks to fix it yourself. With some simple handicrafts, you might be able to easily put the beaded necklace back in place.

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