Waterproof hammock tent – camping & outdoor

[Multifunctional Tarpaulin] The waterproof hammock can be used for hammocks and tents to protect against rain and sun or prevent tents from fraying on the ground.Allows you to double the comfort of camping in the forest, desert or beach. When you need to go for an outdoor picnic, it can be used as a parasol and picnic mat, etc.

[Durable and waterproof]Waterproof hammock is made of high-quality Polyester Plaid PU2000, combined with unique waterproof technology, which can not only durable, but also prevent the wear of trees and sand. It has an excellent protection against the sun, rain, strong wind and so on. Protects you and your belongings from moisture.

[Lightweight and portable]Our waterproof hammock is very large, There are two sizes of 142 * 114in and 142 * 110in It can provide you with all the coverings you need. Can be compressed into a very small size and weigh only 1.1 pounds and 1.9 pounds. It is very light and small enable you carried and placed in a backpack during hiking, camping, hiking or biking.

[Easy to install] The cover is Two styles of diamond and hexagon in design and easy to open. It has X binding rings and can be used for multiple fixing points. It also comes with X high quality aluminum floor nails and X X feet of tetherings, allowing you to quickly and safely set up in minutes.

[100% satisfaction promise] Waterproof hammock are guaranteed for six months. If you have any questions about the amazing tarpaulin, please let us know. We guarantee that you won’t waste your money

Why choose tarpaulin?

  • Real outdoor rainproof tarp, super waterproof and sunproof.
  • Multifunctional tarpaulin that can be used in many occasions.
  • Made of high-quality Polyester Plaid PU2000 material, it has very good wear resistance and tear resistance.
  • It adopts a square design and has multiple fixing points, which is very easy to install.
  • Comes with all accessories for installation

Large Space

Shading area over 5 square meters to enjoy freedom.
Comfortable without pressure, easy to set up

Emergency Shelter

In rainy days, the emergency tent can also be opened as a canopy to accommodate more people.

Waterproof Fabric

Made of PU2000 polyester waterproof fabric, plus waterproof coating, easily meet the needs of leisure camping and rainwater.
Tough, wear-resistant and waterproof fabric for outdoor severe weather.

Powerful Shading

Sun protection up to 60%, Prevent sunlight from penetrating, protect your skin from the sun


Thickening Wind Rope

Thick wind rope, strong and durable.

Thickening Lock Plate

Thick lock plate, smooth adjustment, wear – resistant and durable.

10mm Thick Nail

10mm thick nails, high strength, not easy to deformation.

Strengthen The Ribbon

Reinforced ribbon, double stitch, tear resistant.