What is a box chain necklace?

What is a box chain necklace?If you haven’t heard of the style of Chain Link known as a Box Chain, now is a good as time as any to get acquainted with one of the most evolving chain styles in modern times. As one of the most recognised Chain Link styles, alongside the Curb, Belcher, Rope and Figaro the Box Chain is a truly timeless classic. Just like the vast majority of enduring Chain Link styles it’s name originates from its appearance.

What is the core of the box chain?

The box shape is the heart of the box chain. Due to the simple shape you may think it is too monotonous to have any charm. But, when paired with another identical link. This square shape with a flat, shiny surface starts to form an attractive pendant necklace. Smooth chain link style foundation. Whether you admire it from the side, top or bottom, you will find perfect symmetry around it. The box chain can be worn as a silver chain or a silver bracelet. Due to its origin in the historic artisan city of Venice, Italy, it is also known as the “Venetian” chain link. With such a tradition, it is easy to understand why this chain style has a fashionable and natural charm.

What is the evolution history of the box necklace design?

The classic chain style evolved into more exciting changes. Because they have a definable shape at their core and combine patterns that link the pairs to each other. The original box chains that evolved all box chains are from classic box chains. Its features are as follows: 4 sides, flat square surface, polished and straight edges.

The above is the basic shape of the box necklace. Now it should help us compare the different styles of Box Chain. You will also be able to see why these variants are so detailed. That they classify them into the same link family, rather than completely different styles.

So let’s start with the most similar, least similar, related to standard box chains

Double box chain

Interestingly, although this change no longer shows the typical flat square surface. But every link of this style is still the same as each other. And they all have a square shape. Although it doesn’t look like a “square”. But when deconstructing a double-chain box chain, each link can resemble a square ring (as opposed to a ring) with equal width and length.

Round box chain

The key variation that circular box links have is their dome-shaped surfaces rather than flat surfaces. A clever blend of curved surfaces and straight edges. It’s a sturdy chain that usually doesn’t fit into a large pendant or locket.

Mirror Box Chain

Almost the same as a standard box chain, it may be difficult to identify the differences between them. But the main difference is that the “mirror box chain” combines these “boxes”. There is very little space between each link. Links made in this way bring flat polished surfaces close to each other. There are few visible gaps or spaces that prevent light from passing through and disrupt the flow of shiny silver. Thereby, an uninterrupted continuous flow of silver forms a mirror effect. This type of chain is very shiny and thin, and can be used with pendants in special cases.

Why can other shapes be classified as Box Chain?

Because this is where the link starts to form a Box shape. Lay down one of these “rings”. Then stack another one on top of it. Stacked from the side contours. The silver appearance forms a square: equal length and height. To keep these two links in place, the same combination of two links stacked on top of each other is placed on one edge. Then place the other two links on opposite edges. Once the links are paired together, the shape of the signature cube is pronounced.

Another form of double box chain also exists.

The formation of the chain link is exactly the same as the standard box chain. It is formed by pairing one link with another single link. But the surface is not completely flat, but has a straight groove. The groove is designed to look like two links.Like the “double box chain” mentioned above.. But it’s different because only one link is paired with the next, not two.

Triple Box Chain

Almost the same as a double box chain, except that also to two chain links stacked on top of each other, there are three. This variant also includes a grooved version. The appearance of three of the grooves is etched into a plane.

Greek box chain

Greek box chain is a weird and elegant chain style. It is named for its striking patterns that include shapes from ancient Greece. The Greek motif is immediately visible when the chain is laid flat on your chest, wrist or dresser. But, the Box element is specific to each link. But, compared to the standard frame chain: “the difference is that the shape of the frame is cut at a 45-degree Angle”. Due to this angle, the chain is flatter. Our upcoming collection features a bland surface. Greek chains have very special surface markings.It has a silky texture called Pave.

All the “box chain” descriptions above cover the basic structure of “box chain” links. But each “box chain” style can also complement other jewelry finishes. This trimming may include diamond cutting. A form of enhancing the link part to form a bright. high-gloss finish or embossed pattern on the surface of the link, called Pavé-, like our Greek box chain same.

Why Box Chain Links are so tempting: reveal deeper meaning of shapes.

Along with circles, triangles, and rectangles, squares are part of a family of geometric shapes. The geometry is symmetrical and thus reflects order and regularity. And “box chains” use straight sides and corners. A form of reinforced chain joint parts. A bright, high-gloss finish or embossed pattern is formed on the surface of the link, called Pave -. It’s like the Greek box chain.

Here we also explain how different shapes cause different emotions. So, is there any evocative emotion or symbolism associated with the “box chain”? For box chains, square is the point. As a familiar shape, its symmetry is composed of 4 equal lengths and 4 equal widths. Except that each of the four angles has a 90 degree angle.

Because of this regularity and consistency, foreseeable properties are equal to squares. Because they have an honest atmosphere. As a common shape in building structures. It is no wonder that it also symbolizes sturdiness, reliability and safety. Because of its symmetry, it is also used tostatee conformity. And conformity itself means peace.

Because of the symbolism. So using it as part of a collection tells a subtle, meaningful style. This includes wearing it as a bracelet or chain. Although paired with pendants that match themes of peace, honesty, and reliability. Such as pendants of emotional or religious value. It’s definitely a complete piece of jewelry.

What is a good width for box chain necklace?

As the thickness of the box chain increases. The increase in width makes the filling around it look more visible. So let’s take a look at the recommended widths for men and women:


At least any fineness is acceptable. The usual standard box chain starts from 0.8 mm or more. If it recommend to use women’s bold statement style jewelry, the most width is not recommended. The middle width of a woman is 1.5 mm.

Man advice man:

The small recommended width is 1.5 mm or more, but the most recommended width is not limited. A good box chain with a middle width should be 2mm.

If you still can’t find the reason for choosing Box Chain, then Box Clever:

Box chains are definitely wearable, much more durable than the occasional chain. And for functional and fashion reasons, they are perfect for everyday wear: “They do n’t scratch hair. They do n’t pair with any pendants. and most The style of the chain is not too exaggerated, but after a careful jewellery finish, it has a star effect.”

We hope this is a good guide that will familiarize. You with the Box Chain style and realize that it defines Square Shap. even if their avatars may look different.

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