What is a lariat necklace?

What is a lariat necklace? The lariat will have loops with special knots that allow it to slide without falling apart. Thus, a lariat necklace is unique jewelry. They don’t have clasps like other necklaces. A lariat necklace is worn around the neck. Lariat necklaces are long-lasting accessories in Western clothing. It can be used with almost any fashion trend. You can find a variety of styles, from thin and elegant to chunky or even dramatic. Or, you can make your own lasso necklace.

What is a lariat style necklace?

1. Lasso necklaces are tied together in a specific way. Other lassos can be styled in many ways. The most basic lasso looks like a long chain. And it has an open shape at one end. The other end of the chain should pass through the open end. Then adjust it to your liking.
The ends of some lassoes are free of debris that penetrates each other. So it must be bundled or arranged in other ways.

2. There is a basic cycle. This is the simplest feature of a lasso. Hang the necklace around your neck with the central part at the back of your neck. Then one end hung on each shoulder. Grasp one end with your hand and go over the front chain. Loop one end down and pass through again. It’s like tying shoelaces. Let the ends hang down. And can adjust the loop higher or lower according to the desired effect.

3. Tie a simple knot on the front. If you want to do something different with a lasso, try knotting. The result looks very elegant, and works well with formal and high-end suits. Place the lasso around your neck with both ends hanging over your shoulders and over your chest. Hold one end of the chain with one hand. Create a loop with two wires and then pull the end of the lasso over the loop. This will knot in front.

4. Double-Loop Drama lariat. You need to fold the chain in half and make the two chains parallel to each other. Each hand is holding the end of the doubled necklace. Then folded it around the neck. Pull the end of the lasso forward. Instead, the double strands form a loop. Pass the end of the lasso through the loop. Feed them all the time and let their ends hang down.

  • This is also called “scarf” style. Because it follows the same style as the popular scarf banding technique.
  • It’s a dramatic, chunky style. Paired with jeans and leather jacket.
  • Of course, you can also wear a tight tuxedo. And produce a similar dramatic effect, but the atmosphere is different.

How to use a lariat necklace?

1. Pair with deep V-neck. Because the lasso necklace has long strands. and these strands can be perpendicular to the front of your body. So, to show off your necklace, wear a neckline. This complements the pendant.

  • A deep V-neck is a good choice because many lasso shapes create their own V-shape. The double v effect is very flattering
  • V-neckline is an option. You can also try sweets, spoons, off-shoulder and square neck tops, and strapless tops.

2. Wear a striped top or dress. When wearing striped clothes. You will find that the vertical lines formed by the long lasso are especially attractive. When paired with the stripes. Because horizontal stripes can produce largest contrast. And the vertical stripes can simulate the hanging of the lasso. So try two looks and see which one you like best.

  • Choose clothing with a simple striped pattern in two colors. So that the effect is not too complicated.

3. Use the Lariats necklace with other necklaces. Lariats often stand out when paired with many necklaces of different lengths. Try putting on your favorite necklace, pendant and lasso. Pair it with a low-cut or open shirt to show off your unique jewelry. It even makes you look sexier. You can also decorate fine gold or silver collars with thin chain lasso-like charms. For a stylish and glamorous look.

  • If you want jewelry to be the star of this show? Please keep your clothing simple and monochrome.

How to tie a lariat necklace´╝č

1. Follow the necklace

Lasso necklaces are manufactured with specific lashing methods in mind. Usually these necklaces have a geometric jewellery pendant . That can pull on the chain or with a sliding buckle. Most lasso necklaces can tie up in many different ways. If you decide to branch off, try decorating with a “knotted” or looped tie.

2. Knot in front

Lasso necklace with simple knot at front. Try wearing a formal black dress or suit. First, place the necklace on your neck. Second, the ends hang down on the chest. Put two necklaces in one hand. Loop the two rings of the necklace into a ring. Pass the end of the necklace through the ring and tie the necklace to the front. The knotted end of the necklace should resemble the end of a tie.

3. Ring

Creating a dramatic heavy metal style. Try a lasso with jeans and a leather or curved tight tuxedo. Fold the necklace in half, with the two necklace strings parallel to each other. Wrap the folded necklace around your neck. The two ends of the necklace should face forward and the ring at the other end should face forward. Hold the end of the necklace and pass them through the loop to secure the necklace.

What is a lasso necklace? Well, we define it as a necklace. The necklace has no clasp on your neck and is secured by a knot. With some styles, you can even knot yourself. For a custom feel. These necklaces can be made from a variety of materials. Western styles are usually made of leather or artificial leather. There are also picks designed in metallic tones-think of gold, silver and rose gold. Lasso necklaces can also be decorated with a variety of accents or pendants including gems, crystals, edges and more.

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