What is a pearl necklace?

Two hundred million years ago, there were already pearls on the earth. In the international gem world, pearls are also listed as lucky stones for the birth of June. Memorial stone for the thirteenth and thirtyth anniversary of marriage. Pearls with magnificent colors and elegant temperament. It symbolizes health, purity, wealth and happiness. It has been loved by people since ancient times. Pearls are also divided into freshwater pearls and seawater pearls.


What is a shell pearl necklace?

Pearl is an ancient organic gem. Mainly produced in mollusks such as pearl shellfish and mother of pearl. A calcium carbonate-containing mineral (aragonite) bead produced by endocrine action. It is made up of a large number of tiny aragonite crystals. It is rich in variety, different in shape and colorful. According to research in geology and archaeology.


What is a shell pearl necklace?

What is a cultured pearl necklace?

Cultured pearls are a type of pearl. Can be further subdivided into a variety of pearls. Including the South China Sea, Tahitian pearls, fresh water and salt water. The most popular types of cultured pearls used in necklaces are fresh and salt water. There is a certain difference between freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls. The round mother-of-pearl nucleus of the salt water pearl is wrapped in the mantle tissue. And embedded in the oysters. Freshwater pearls only nucleate with mantle tissue. The important point to note is! Because the Internet is full of misinformation about pearls and wrong price differences. Many websites have begun to claim that freshwater pearls are natural pearls. Because freshwater pearls are nucleated by organic material mantle.

What is a freshwater pearl necklace

Often, the nature of the nuclear name is intended to confuse the distinction between nature and culture. The fact remains that freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls are cultured pearls. Only uncultured pearls should be considered natural pearls. Also, in China. Freshwater pearls have the highest yield. Compared with beautiful Japanese saltwater cultured pearls. They are cheaper and have less gloss. Saltwater pearls have long been known for their near-perfect roundness and deep beauty. They are less glossy than fresh water. This is an important difference.

What is a freshwater pearl necklace?


What is a cultured pearl necklace

The life of freshwater pearls is like that of Japanese okra.

But it has never been considered to be of high value. How could this be? Because freshwater pearls have no beads. They are 100% nacre (pearl). So why are they considered to be of lower value? Freshwater shells can grow dozens of pearls at a time. Most Japanese okra oysters can only breed one or two at a time.

The life of freshwater pearls is like that of Japanese okra.

If you have seen freshwater pearls in the store.

You might think that freshwater pearls are weird shapes. Not very shiny. This is the most common situation. Because they are not as good as akoya. They have no beads in the center. Yet, there are indeed beautiful freshwater pearls. The best, like what we call “fresh pharaohs.” Its shape, color and luster. The quality is almost indistinguishable from that of Japanese coca pearls.

Premium freshwater pearls are almost always sorted by half a millimeter

If this is the first pearl you or you want to buy.

Please consider fresh water. They not only provide the appearance of seawater pearls at a lower price. It is also usually grown in natural pastel colors. You will only find these colors in freshwater pearls.

If this is the first pearl you or you want to buy

Premium freshwater pearls are almost always sorted by half a millimeter.

This is very different in value. If a string of 7-8 mm pearls is compared to a string of 7.5-8 mm pearls. The latter will be larger. Brighter and more rounded.

Premium freshwater pearls are almost always sorted by half a millimeter

Pearl symbolizes the moon?

In many ancient societies, pearls symbolize the moon. And full of magical features. Ancient Chinese civilization believes. Wearing pearls protects people from fire and dragons. Other cultures also associate pearls with chastity and modesty. In Victorian England. Small pearls are often used in jewels to shed tears.
Pearl as a gift Pearl symbolizes the moon

Does the acid in the sweat damage the pearl?

So after putting the pearl on the side of the skin. Wipe the pearl with a dry cloth or a damp cloth. Be careful not to let perfume or other chemicals come into contact with your pearls. And keep it away from extreme heat. That is, do not use a hair dryer when wearing pearl jewelry. Or put the jewelry in the sun. If you follow these guidelines. Your pearls will remain gorgeous for decades and reach heirlooms.

Does the acid in the sweat damage the pearl

In the early 1900s, the Chinese discovered how to make cultured pearls. Pearls become easier to use. Place a small nucleus in a live oyster. A pearl is formed around the core. It is thus possible to manufacture pearls in oyster farms.

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