What necklace to wear ?

What necklace to wear ? Many people ask me for guidance on wearing necklaces and accessories. So I wrote this article. help you!

A guide to wearing necklaces in 2020?

The choice of accessories is first to find your personal style. Then wear it with confidence. Most people choose the accessory method of “less is more”. Thus, the subtle parts are selected accessories.

Of course, trends come and go, and they will definitely affect the way we accessories. but it is important to weigh each trend with your personal style and adapt it to your work.

In other words, accessories are a great place to take fashion risks. Necklaces are a small investment. So keep trying things that may feel out of comfort. You never know, you might like it!

Omit current trends. Layered craftsmanship replaced clumsy, personalized necklaces. And many times I noticed that women prefer necklaces. To pursue a more minimalist style. And, because of chunky sweaters and turtlenecks are now popular. So actually no necklace is needed at all. This may change as spring and summer fashion become popular. But anyway, let’s look at some examples.

Necklace styling tips

1. First, determine if your top needs a necklace. And where do you want the focus of your necklace.
For example, is the top half of the clothes flat? Do I need a bigger necklace to become a hero? Or do you need a tiny necklace to fill the deep neckline? Or is there a ruffle or other trim on your neckline? What makes it impossible for you to wear a necklace?

If the necklace will be your work, it will be selected first. Then choose the rest of the accessories to match. But, if you know you want to wear eye-catching earrings or a busy top, you will choose the necklace last. To support the rest of the necklace without competing with other clothes.

2. If your clothes are busy, keep it simple. In contrast, large necklaces can be used as a complement to basic clothes.

Why is the neckline important?

First, the necklace and neckline are important elements. Because they are linked. and so
Some necklaces work better at certain necklines. Others get rid of your appearance completely.

So when buying necklaces. Always keep in mind your wardrobe and the type of neckline of the shirt or clothes you plan to pair with.


  • Shirt and necklace color
  • Necklace length
  • Hairstyle

It’s easy to find the ideal accessory in this ever-changing world of choice. But it can also be overwhelming.
Now, before we look at what kind of necklace to wear with which neckline. Let’s discuss the different types of necklaces to avoid confusion.

Different necklaces and lengths:

Here are several necklaces and their lengths and styles.

A necklace, as the name suggests, is a necklace or strap made of fabric to fit a very close neck. These are the shortest length necklaces you will find. They are usually about 14-16 inches long. They should be fixed high in the middle of your neck without any hanging. As you may have noticed, suffocators are now super useful.

Princess necklace
The princess necklace is about 18-20 inches long. This is one of the most common sizes for necklaces. This necklace will fall under your neck. Rests well on your neck bone. They work well with pendants and diamonds.

Matinee necklace
A sine necklace is about 22-23 inches in length on the bust line. This necklace is super versatile in design and clothing.

Opera necklace
An opera necklace is between 26-36 inches long. Can be placed around the sternum. It can be worn in single or double chain. If knotted, it does exude a vintage feel. Their purpose is to hangover, not hangover.

Rope necklace
A rope necklace is any necklace longer than an Opera necklace. They fit on your belly buttons and are usually made of beads or chains. Note: The lasso is a longer variant of the rope but does not have a buckle. Lassos can be crossed or doubled, knotted or looped in many ways.

Bib necklace
Although bib necklaces are not one of the main categories of necklaces. But we added it here because it is becoming very popular now. Bib necklaces are usually made of multilayer beads, bubbles or gems and metal. They are positioned higher than the princess necklace above or above the collarbone. The bib necklace is striking and feminine. Shows a magnificent look for casual or formal wear.

Of course, colors and materials also play an important role. We won’t cover all this because it will go very deep. The most important factors are explained below. But if you want, you can be creative with colors and materials. You are a creative lady after all.

What necklace to wear with neckline?

What kind of necklace can be worn on various

What necklace to wear with v neck top?

The V-neck can draw people’s attention to the cleavage area. So, it is best to do the same for your necklace.

Pendants and princess necklaces are the perfect match for V-necks. A pendant necklace is very compatible. Because it creates the same V shape. Especially with a clearer, triangular shaped pendant.

The end of the necklace should be about an inch above the neckline, which is a good rule of thumb. You don’t want the pendant to exceed the neckline or be too short.

Also, the wider the V-neck, the larger the pendant. vice versa. This will create the required scale.

Avoid using any necklace that does not conform to the V shape, such as a bib necklace. Asymmetric necklaces and round necklaces can make the appearance look out of place.

What necklace to wear with off the boat neck dress?

Boat neck shirts and dresses have wide necklines, so they extend wide over the collarbone. They are very elegant necklines and must an elegant necklace.

A necklace suitable for boat collars is a necklace that does not scatter the neckline. Elegant, minimalist necklaces are the best choice. Also, a princess necklace or two of beads or beads is the perfect companion for this neckline. Also, thanks to the ladylike charm. The pearl necklace hanging on the neckline is very tasteful. Very ideal.

When wearing a boat collar. t is best not to use stylish, flashy or eye-catching statement necklaces. It is also wise to stay away from any necklace shorter than the neckline. Choking is definitely not a good choice. Also, avoid dropping necklaces below your neckline.

What necklace to wear with off the shoulder dress?

Off the shoulders and dresses can be tube tops. The tube top is sleeveless and looks young and sexy. The neckline is usually above the cleavage.

The best choice for an off-shoulder neckline is a short necklace. Such as collars and short pendants. as well as distinctive necklaces and asymmetric necklaces. Let your college style continue to be the focus of your attire.

Having said that, the long necklace is also perfect for matching Bardot’s neckline. For example beaded necklaces. But, if you have a bandeau style at your shoulder neckline. We recommend that you keep short necklaces. Because long necklaces can cause an unbalanced look on the tube top.

Collar shirt or button

The neckline shirt is very flexible in what kind of necklace you can match. But, it depends on how many buttons are completed. You need to press different buttons and change the style of the necklace. You can create a completely unique look.

We like to pair collar shirts and bib necklaces with fastened buttons. It has a conservative but interesting look. Also, if your neck is longer, you can use a choking style.

Another viable option is to cancel a few buttons. Make it a V-neck, and then apply the same rules from the V-neck part. Avoid using necklaces that are too wide, because they do not have enough space.

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