Window cat hammock – suction cup

😸EASY TO INSTALL: 1Pcs window cat hammock, and 2Pcs extra replaceable suction cup which is extra strong viscosity and extend the life of products. Before the first actual pet use, put some other heavy objects (about 2 kg) for roughly one hour, which will help the sucker to release tension and improve/stabilize the suction strength. After that, your pet cat can enjoy the window bed more safely.

😸UP TO 50 LBS: The suction cup is made of high-quality PVC material, special designed big suction cup for this window cat hammock can hold up to 50 lbs. Kindly remember that by putting the suction cups into hot water at 80-90 degrees for 2 minutes can help it stick better (dry the suckers completely before applying on the surface).

😸BREATHABLE MATERIAL: The window cat hammock perch mat is made of oxford cloth, which is easy to clean, breathable and durable, and the cat’s body temperature won’t overheat in summer. Adding a mattress on this window cat hammock is a great choice for winter cat to napper in the sun.

😸SPACE SAVING: This window cat shelf provides your cat enjoy a front view of nature while basking without taking up valuable floor space. Prefect match gives your cats comfortable and fun seat in the house and keeping good healthy of your cat.

😸AFTER SALES SERVICE: If you are not completely satisfied with the window cat hammck perch, we will full refund guarantee without any questions, and our friendly customer service team 24 hours are waiting for helping you.

All cats like to sunbathe, which helps to kill the parasites on the cat and promote the absorption of calcium and vitamins.
And climbing is a cat’s instinctive behavior, which is a way to improve its balance, flexibility and muscle growth.
The cat window perch not only allows your cats bathe in the sun, but also creates a relatively safe climbing environment for your cats.

Package Include:

4 x Tubes (PVC)
2 x Cords (Stainless Steel)
1 x Cover (Oxford Cloth)
6 x Suction Cups (PVC)
Holds Up to 50 lbs


Product Dimensions: 22″ x 12″ x 1.5″ (L x W x H)
Hanging Dimensions: 29.5″ x 21.5″ (H x W)
Suction Cup Diameter: 3.3″
Cord Length: 23″
Weight: 1.3 pounds

Steps for Assembly:

  1. Install the mainframe.
  2. Put on the cloth cover.
  3. Put two steel strings through the pre-made holes on cloth cover.
  4. Connect frame to first 2 supporting suckers by pressing.
  5. Clip string ends to the rest 2 upper pulling sucker cups.
  6. Clean all suction cups and mounting surface for final installation.


Flat tiles, stainless steel, glass, mirrors, refrigerators, washing machines, metal paints and other smooth and airtight surfaces.


1.Please make sure to clean the windows and suction cups before mounted.
2.If the suction cup not mounted well, The simplest solution is put it into warm water (50℃-70℃) for 2-4 minutes. Dry with a little bit water then sticking to the window. Simple and very helpful to make the suction cups powerful.