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Winter camping hammock – sleeping bag & stay warm

  • Lining: 210T Pongee
  • Applicable people: adults
  • Fabric: 210T nylon tear-resistant plaid
  • Weight: 1700 (g)
  • Color: Army Green, Orange Red
  • Filling: 350G/M2 hollow cotton
  • Structure: envelope type
  • Product volume: 40.0 cm * 25.0 cm * 25.0 cm

A common travel method for hammock camping. But camping hammock in cold weather. How to stay warm without tent walls to provide insulation. You will learn why to camp a hammock in cool temperatures and learn how to keep warm in a hammock — winter camping hammock

Why hammock camping in winter?

Although the temperature is low, it is liable to snow . But winter camping is very beneficial. Because you may not only own the entire campsite. And the winter silence of the entire forest is really special. If you wake up with a layer of fresh snow, you will get a real enjoyment.

Warm and breathable. Windproof and warm

Keep you away from the cold ground. This is especially beneficial for nights when it is snowing or raining. Although due to the circulation of air in the body, sleeping in a hammock will be slightly colder at first. But, proper insulation measures can solve this problem.

The best camping hammocks are lighter than most backpack tents. Of course, if you are a car camper, this is not the main problem. But if you carry your backpack to a remote and remote country in winter, this will be a huge benefit.

Ease of setup is another highlight. I can complete the winter hammock installation in less than a minute. This allowed me to find a place to live in severe winter weather conditions. Instead of wandering around on tent poles.

Finally, if you bring the right hammock accessories. Then camping in a campground in winter is as warm as staying overnight in the best winter tent. Comfortable and dry.

Best Winter Hammock Camping Gear list

In winter, you absolutely need high-quality equipment for hammock camping. Although sometimes you can use cheap gear in spring, summer and fall. You must buy the best equipment for harsh winter conditions. Especially if you expect below freezing and/or snow and ice.


Winter hammock

Most camping and backpacking hammocks are suitable for winter camping. The key is to choose a model that is compatible with winter camping accessories. Our best hammock of 2020 is compatible with many winter hammock accessories,

Hammock Straps

For winter hammock camping, you absolutely need easy-to-use hammock straps. The faster you set up the hammock, the sooner you enter the room. Compared to trying to hang a hammock with a rope, a hammock belt is easier to wear gloves or mittens.

Winter sleeping bag

High-quality winter sleeping bags are essential for camping hammock in cold weather. Make sure to choose a temperature rating that is at least 10°F lower than the coldest temperature you expect to encounter. I personally prefer to use the mummy bag on the hammock. This is not only because of their light weight and good insulation. Also due to their tapered shape, they are more comfortable for the narrow range of the hammock.

Hammock tarp

Rain flies are essential for hammock in winter to prevent rain and snow on the hammock. Find a hammock awning designed specifically for your hammock. To achieve the simplest setting and the best coverage. Available in oversized models, it also helps to protect your hammock from the wind to some extent. When camping in the rain, I often bring an extra tarp to hang over the rain flies on the hammock to get more coverage.

camping hammock tarp

Hammock top quilt

The top quilt is very like an ordinary sleeping bag, but is designed for hammock. When I expect it to be cold, I usually bring a quilt and a winter sleeping bag at the same time to keep warm and keep warm. Look for a model designed for your hammock to make it the most suitable and comfortable.

Fill 350g air cotton

Hammock sleeping mat

The hammock sleeping bag serves two purposes: to increase comfort and insulation. Although you can use a regular backpack sleeping pad. But many manufacturers now offer special hammock sleeping mats. Designed to better adapt to the shape of your hammock. Omit weight reduction, the inflatable model is your best choice. But closed-cell foam sleeping pads usually provide more warmth.

Winter clothing

Don’t camp in winter without proper winter clothing-whether in a tent or in a hammock. Must that proper winter clothing is layered. I divide winter clothing into three layers: base layer (wicking material), middle layer (insulation material) and top layer (rain and windproof material). I always add a pair of high-quality winter hiking boots, moisture-wicking winter socks, knitted hats and winter gloves to this list. The choice of specific clothing is almost endless and suitable for all budgets. Just make sure the items you choose can stay warm and dry in cold conditions.

hammock sleeping bag ; -15~0℃


Product name:Multifunctional sleeping bag
Fabric: 210T polyester waterproof plaid
Lining:210T Pongee
Suitable temperature:-15-0℃
Size: 230*80 (50) CM
Packing:compressible storage bag


Product details

01 Tight sleeping bag cap
Free adjustment of tightness, wind more warm

02 Wind neck line
Autumn and winter 3D windbreaker design, let the wind stop outside the body

03 A hammock perforationReserved hole position can be used with hammock

04 Anti-clip two-way zipper
Don’t worry about the zipper clamp
Effectively avoid damage to the inside of the sleeping bag

05 Built-in storage bag
There are storage bags inside the chest
Store audio valuables

Outdoor use real shot:

Where can we put hammocks for winter camping?

Nature can be unpredictable, so be careful when choosing a location when using a hammock. Also to the obvious-sturdy trees or similar trees that can be hung-there are a few other things to consider:

Wind: Protect yourself from wind damage by hanging the hammock near the natural windbreaker (such as boulders, hills, trees, etc.).

Rain and snow: You need an awning/shield to prevent rain. You can also cover it under overhangs, trees, etc. Be wary of dead or unstable trees and snow on branches, which may fall on you at night. Hang the hammock on a slope away from the risk of avalanches.

Cold: The valley is in a cold place, but the top of the mountain is windy. Thus, the best hanging place is usually in the central region. Consider where the sun will rise when setting up the hammock. So that you can take full advantage of these warm lights.

Wind: Protect yourself from wind damage by hanging the hammock near the natural windbreaker (such as boulders, hills, trees, etc.)

Humidity: Moisture can cause condensation inside the hammock, which eventually leads to hypothermia. Try to add some ventilation to your device. And avoid placing it near cold water

How to set up hammock?

It’s just as important to know how to correctly set up camp as it is to buy the right gear when hammock camping in winter. Here’s how:

Choose the right location

Look for campsites near two trees or other anchor points. In winter, there must be a place for natural windshield, such as near large rocks or dense forests. Avoid areas with cold pools at night. For example, basins and other areas lower than other surrounding land. Always check the overhead to make sure there is no danger in the tree above.

Set up a hammock

First, firmly connect the hammock to two trees about 10 feet (about 10 feet). And fix it with a hammock strap. The hammock should be kept 18 inches off the ground. To ensure the best hanging Angle of the hammock. Make your sleep more comfortable. Next, put your sleeping mat and sleeping bag in the hammock, and then set the rain fly or hammock tarp.

Go in

Do not enter the hammock at night before taking care of all your business. In the middle of the night, you don’t want to get rid of the warm warmth. Light a campfire, go to the bathroom, take off all wet clothes, and then enter the house. I like to hang my rucksack and wet gear on rainfly ridge. Or hang a sling from your hammock belt to keep it dry at night.

At last

If you are ready, winter hammock camping will be an unforgettable experience.
Buy the right hammock camping equipment. Make sure you wear high-quality winter clothing. And take special care to choose a shelter that works best. For starters, I recommend bringing a tent in case winter hammocks aren’t for everyone.