Wooden hammock frame – cat & pet

STRONG PRACTICAL DESIGN WITH SIMPLE LOOK 🧡 Our heavy duty cat hammock with stand is designed with your cat in mind. The wooden frame is strong, don’t worry about falling. Carefully placed anchors are used to mitigate swaying so your cat has peace of mind when they are on the bed. With its wooden material and design, it will always look good whatever the room’s theme is.

🧡 DETACHABLE AND EASY TO INTALL 🧡 You can install and disassemble this cat hammock without any tools,even a kid can do it.This bed holds up to 30 lbs,suitable for small medium dogs, cats, or any other pets you may have. You can email us for any time and we will offer the video of installation details.

🧡 BREATHABLE AND COOL IN THE SUMMER 🧡 Summer is coming, sleeping or napping on the hard floors or those thick and hot pad is not always good to your pet ,get rid of those traditional beds, get them onto their own elevated bed, give them a cool and comfortable summer.

🧡 DURABLE AND SAFE 🧡 The hammock bracket made of high quality wood, high temperature treatment, environmental protection and durability, no formaldehyde, protect the health of small animals. Easy to disassemble, for pets can be placed indoors, can also be used indoors. At the same time, the hammock can also be used as a storage shelf for small toys of cats and dogs.

🧡 TAKE IT ANYWHERE 🧡 Traveling with your cat has never been easier with this so easy to take with you pet bed. Due to its phenomenal design, Detachable design does not take much space at all when packaged. Let your much-loved cat lounge in style next to you, while traveling, camping or relaxing on the beach.


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✌✌Your cat companion has feelings too. They can feel bored, anxious, warmth and even loneliness. So can you imagine if you just let your fave pet to sleep on hard wood or cold floor?

Show your love to your feline family member with this one-of-a-kind luxurious cat accessory – Cat Hammock!

♥ Made of high quality wood and breathable soft cloth, environmental protection and durability, no formaldehyde, protect the health of small animals.

♥ To prevent the hammock from swaying too much, we’ve included an anti-sway design to make it comfortable for your fave pet as they nest and sleep.

❀ Detachable Cat Litter Bracket with Fabric Cloth. More important, healthier than sleeping directly on the ground, allowing air circulation, keeping pets cool.

❀ If you are not at home, you can put this hammock in the living room or any space to make your cat comfortable to rest and play.

❀ Simple design, easy to install, comes in seperate pieces and you just need to snap it all together with screws. At the same time, detachable design can meet your needs to go outside with your furry friend.

Material: Wooden + Mesh Cloth

Size after Assembled: 59.23720cm/23.314.67.9”

Package: 1* Cat Hammock